Saturday, February 5, 2011

Alex Berenson: The Faithful Spy

The first in a series, Alex Berenson debut takes the reader on a Spy Game that is very realistic to the World`s current state and one gets the feeling that everything written could happen today.

John Wells is an All-American from Montana, now he is the only operative that had successfully infiltrated al Qaeda, even to the status of a commander of a small force, but his resolve is the same to kill Bin Laden. But Wells does not travel an easy road, it is hard for him to make contact with the agency as he is in the hills of Pakistan and the agency is beginning not to trust Wells, as he was unable to prevent September 11. Years pass and Wells has taken up the Muslim faith with vigor, not just to blend in, but he feels at peace with his Quran. He has accepted the al Qaeda view that America is shallow, useless, spineless and mindless culture that has a vice for over indulgence and violence. He does not understand the American Way any more. But Wells will get his chance, to revisit America for al Qaeda has plans for Wells, he is going home, but the main question is, Is he still a CIA operative?

Berenson has created a novel that has a very real feel to it, and that the possibilities that are presented could really not be that far off from the truth. I enjoyed that he did not go so far out there that what he was writing was impossible. It made me think, Do the Americans have an Agent in al Qaeda?

I like Wells as a character, and how Berenson shaped him through out the book. Wells has definitely been shaped by hi choice to leave his family, life and America to serve the CIA in al Qaeda and what haunts him the most is his inability to kill Bin Laden and to prevent September 11. These facts weigh heavily on his mind, and are the basis of many decisions that he makes. But what makes Wells truly interesting aspect is his belief in the Quran. Studying it`s words, teachings and developing a hate for everything that America stands for and what America has done, he really questions whether he wants to protect that or not.

This was a nonstop thriller that was not overly violent just really good suspense and wondering how Wells will get through everything and what will happen next. You also get a good sense of the "Bad Guys" as Berenson has written chapters from their point of view, which help show why they following the teachings of the Koran and sometimes why the chose to join al Qaeda as wells as give hints for the final their plans. I found that this added more depth to the storyline and gave the reader just a touch of insight to the other side. Khadri is the type of today individual/radical that one should fear, for he is the brain who comes up with the attacks and is able to manipulate people to commit them for him, whether they are aware of it or not. To me that is a truly scary person.

The Faithful Spy is a great adventure thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat and questioning, Could something like this really Happen, but being unable to put it down as you want to know what will Wells choose and how will it end.


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