Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Michael Connelly: The Brass Verdict

This is the second book in Michael Connelly's Mickey  Haller series, so you will need to read the first book The Lincoln Lawyer before this one (not only because it is a good read) but the first book really sets up who Mickey is and how he works.

Mickey Haller has been out of the courtroom and just when he is looking to get back into the courtroom when the ultimate prize falls into his lap. He inherits a law firm from a friend who was just murdered. Mickey may not feel great about his friend's murder but he receives the grand prize of  the defense of Walter Elliott, a prominent studio executive accused of murdering his wife and her lover. As Haller dives into the case he discovers that his friend's murderer may have his eyes on him next and it all centers around Walter Elliott. Mickey is also going to encounter a rough detective named Harry Bosch who is determined to prove that all lawyers are hiding something and lawyers are good for one thing, Bait, but Bosch cannot guarantee that Mickey will come out alive.

I always forget how much I love lawyer books (that are well done) especially when the main character come alive in the courtroom. This book is a good mix of mystery and suspense as Mickey finds out pretty soon that he may be on someone's hit list, so this does lead to some tense moments. The mystery is also well thought out and while I did not think that this book was as good or shocking as the Lincoln Lawyer, but it was still a good read.

Mickey is just getting back on his feet after his last case almost killed him (literally) and he is looking to make a fresh start at his practice and his life. What I really like about Mickey is he leaves no stone unturned, he tries to find out every aspect of the case even it may hinder him in the end. He also comes alive as a character in the courtroom which is what you want in a lawyer based novel and personally my favourite parts in these types of books.

I read some of Connelly's Bosch series many years ago way before Lincon Lawyer and I always enjoyed them, so I found it interesting that Connelly decided to bring the two together in this novel. Maybe it was to help Micky's series along as Bosch has a loyal fan base, but if you were to pick this book up just because of Bosch I think that you will be disappointed. Bosch is very much a secondary character in this novel and none of the book is told form his point of view. You only get Micky's impression and interactions with him and a pretty big bomb drop at the end that I did not see coming.

This book was a good follow up to the first novel, though I did find it interesting that Connelly decided to introduce Bosch. I also think that Connelly used a lot of his shock power in the first book and had this one follow a similar format as the first book, so I was not that surprised in the end as I was in the first book in this series.

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