Friday, November 19, 2010

M. L. N. Hanover: Unclean Spirits

M.L.N. Hanover's Unclean Spirits is for you if you are looking for something new and different in the paranormal genre.

 The novel is centered on a young women named Jayne (pronounced zha-nay, not Jane, no idea why you would make up a name like that, anyways, I just continued to read it as Jane.I don’t think how you say her name really matters), who has lost everything in her life. Her parents want nothing to do with her, she was just dumped by her boyfriend and the friends she had made in College don't seem to care what happens to her. To make it all worse is her Uncle, the only one who cared about her, has died. Only when she arrives for his funeral she discovers that she knew nothing about him. She has inherited his fortune and properties around the world. She cannot get around the fact that she knew nothing about his life, therefore, she decides to visit some of his properties around the city to attempt to discover who he was. Jayne enters into a downtown apartment, that has strange glass objects over the windows and stranger yet, a corpse (or an extremely bad burn victim) on the bed that opens its eyes and talks to her. Jayne has discovered someone who knew her Uncle but she cannot logically believe what she is being told. There is a different world out there with creatures called Riders and that are responsible for her uncle's death. While attempting to digest everything Midian (the burn victim) is telling her, the door is forced open and people are attacking her. Jayne fights back, with talents she never knew she had. Now there are bodies in her uncle's kitchen, a Corpse that can talk and one phone call brings three other men into her life, all of whom have worked with her Uncle. All these men believe the same thing that there is a group called the Invisible College, where the Riders that are attempting to grow in power and dominate the Earth. Jayne finds herself in the middle, wanting revenge for her Uncle's murder and attempting to believe in something she never thought possible and to top that all off, the leader of the Invisible College Cain, wants her eliminated. Jayne had better start believing in the impossible quick or she is going to find herself dead. 

Sorry the premise is a little long winded there, but I wanted to do justice to the plot, but not give everything away. This is a good start to a new series and it is nice to have something different in the Genre. I like the ideas of riders. Riders are a parasitic demon spirit that takes over a human body, and gives that body extra powers and abilities. However, the individual who is infected does not retain their personality they become someone completely different. In other words they take on the personality of the spirit parasite. Additionally, magic, werewolves and vampires are found within the book but the werewolves and vampires are second fiddle to the Magic and the Riders. There is quite a bit of action in this book too, which I really enjoyed and a little bit of romance for those who like that (but not that much). One of the main things I liked in the book was Jayne's character. She is extremely Real, in the way she acted and approached situations, she is not perfect, she's flawed, and unsure of herself and yet somewhere within her there is a heroine. It’s nice to have a heroine that does not always think that she is always right, kickass, and  sometimes a bitch to everyone around her.

I have picked up the second book and it is on my TBR shelf. I will post a review about the second one once I am able to read it. 


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  1. well, I must be honest, so here it goes! Great review, but I'm not convinced :(

    This really is not the kind of book I would read, and even though I probably won't, there is one point you make that I find very important. Main characters must be flawed!! It's wonderful when you say that she is "real" because of this. I don't think anyone would want to read about a hero / heroine that is superhuman (and I don't mean that in terms of supernatural powers). We all want to relate to the protagonists of the books we read, and if they are perfect ... well, how can we ever relate? Aren't we all bitches to people around us sometimes?

  2. I will admit that this book might be a little bit out there for people who do not normally read the paranormal genre. It would definatly fit in the "something different" category. I think this would be better suited for people who read paranormal books on a regular basis and are looking for something new and different within the genre.