Sunday, January 9, 2011

T. C. LoTempio: Not Rest For The Wicca

In her debut into the paranormal genre T. C. LoTempio's No Rest for the Wicca, takes the reader into a new and different world surrounding witchcraft, Voodoo.

Morgan Hawkes, makes sure that everyone knows that she is only half Wicca, not full, and really she does not like to talk about her other half, but it does come in handy now and then. A former homocide cop, who has demoted herself to be a PI (paranormal investigator), Morgan has a special talent of communicating with  spirits of the dead who have been unable to, or don't want to pass over. But there is trouble brewing at the local University, pure blood witches are turning up dead and disfigured and Morgan seems the only one with the knowledge to help. However, this means tapping into the part of her that she does not completely trust or understand but if is means saving lives, she knows that she has to at least try. Now Morgan has to try to trust her Voodoo side, one which is associated with dark magic, as well as the dangerous, infuriating and hansom Cole St. John, an Inheritor Vampire (half Vampire, half Wicca) who Morganis attrached to but she is unsure if she trust him. Morgan is going to have to put all her fears and reservations aside as more witches seem to be disappearcing and only reappearing dead.

First off, I will say that I love the title and the cover. The title definitely reminded me of the first few Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan books, like Every Witch Way but Dead. I enjoyed this book. Most people who have read my blog know that I am not the biggest fan of paranormal romance as I have found that there is more sex than anything else. However, this book has the right amount of mystery and intrigue and not too much sex that I found myself enjoying the stroy of this book. In other words, the romance and sex was not over powering as it is in many paranormal romance. This book does bring some new aspects to the paranormal genre (at least for me) as I have not read a book before that used Voodoo as well as witchcraft. I found that the use of Voodoo within the book, is what really gives this book it's spark. The world building was really well done, but there is not too much new or different within the world that LoTempio has created. It is very similar to other books where creatures are known to the Human population and there is a special unit that investigates paranormal activity. But as I said above, the Voodoo aspect is what really makes this book.

The two main characters Morgan and Cole, definitely have the tension that those who like paranormal romance will love, but they are also able to grow, challenge and piss each other off as well. Morgan really grew within the book as she was forced to conquer her problems/issues from her past and her genetic makeup. Morgan is definitely starts out as a haunted character whose past and abandonment of her family, have left her with a tough shell, but also the need to help out. But what she really is doing is running away, from who she is and how it has caused so much hurt and grief in her life. It was great to see Morgan work through her issues and just show that she has more depth than just her powers, she also the power of her mind. I actually think that Morgan's strongest power is her mind and her ability to solve complex problems and puzzles.

My only critique of the this book is there are a few typos and coincidences, however, the story is intriguing which helps one forget about those things. I really look forward to the next book in this series, to see how much more Morgan can grow and develop within the Voodoo world, as well I hope there will be more about the other creature that were briefly featured within the book, such as demons and trolls. I also hope that in the next books, we will be able to find out more about Cole, his past and what makes him who he is.

I think individuals who like a lighter amount of romance with some mystery and intrigue will enjoy this book, it is something similar to Casey Daniels Pepper Martin Series (Sorry I do not have a review of this book done, I read it before I started writing reviews but you can find some reviews on Amazon) If you are looking for a book that there is a use of constant Magic and Powers, then this is not the book for you. The powers that both Cole and Morgan have as assets but they are secondary to being investigators.


As this is an indie paranormal book, you can find a copy on Smashword.


  1. thanks for the great review!

    I also wanted to mention that the book is also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

  2. I liked this book also :)