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Nalini Singh: Archangel Consort

I'm Sorry to say that I do not have reviews on this website for the first two books. It has been too long since i read the first two book and I do not think that I could do any type of justice in describing the plot, characters and world that Nalini Singh has created. However, if you have not read this series I do recommend it and you can check out what some of my fellow blogger reviews of the book. 
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Okay with that stated (and hopefully read by you), there might be some spoilers from the first two books below, so if you are thinking of reading this series, you may not want to read below.

Elena and Raphael have returned to New York A rogue vampire has attacks an all girls school one where her step sisters go and it appears that one of them was the target. Elena is once again blamed by her father (and herself) for the the attacker on "his" family. But this turns out to be just the first of many brutal, vicious and impossible events happening around the world. No one knows what is causing them, though Elena seems to be a target more than once. Then a soft whisper in Raphael's head, his mother's voice. It appears his mother is awakening from her sleep, she was one of the most powerful Archangels that there has ever been, but she had gone insane before she went to sleep. She even tried to destroy her own son before she hid herself away. With all the death, torture, weird weather and all the Archangel's acting strange, it appears that his mother is waking up and no one knows what her state of mind will be. All they know that they need to find her and kill her if she is still insane, as she almost destroyed the world last time.

I know that I am not normally a fan of paranormal romance but this is one of the series that I make exception for. I have really enjoyed this series, I like that it is quite a bit darker than most paranormal romance books that I read, I also enjoy that there is some murder and mystery and really who wouldn't like to be an Angel Warrior.

I think the part that I liked the best about this book was the forward progression of the relationships within the book. Raphael's and Elena's relationship grows as they actually share stuff about each other, especially their pasts, there relationship evolved from one that was really physically based to one that was more emotional, and more real. Elena also becomes closer to her half sisters and step mother, and they too seem to welcome her into the family (well as long as her father is not around). I look forward to reading in the next book how each of these relationships grows.

Nonetheless, I think I have more negatives than positives for this book. I felt like this book was a filler book or something to that affect (think second Pirates of the Carribean movie, lol). I still love the characters and normally the Plot line, but most of the book just seemed like a precurser to things that never actually happened till the end of the book. I wish that she would have either made the book longer to incorporate something more than just Raphael's mother to awakening, or have taken the plot in a different direction.

I have enjoyed this series, becuase there has always been a mystery that needs to be solved, a killer to find,  plot lines. This book was about the strange occurances that were occuring with Raphael's mother waking and whether or not she will be sane when she wakes up and trying to find her before she wakes up. However, it is not Elena or Raphael that are looking for her, it is Raphael's Seven who are doing the searching (and no the reader does not get to take part or get the point of view from the seven in the search). I was just expecting so much more out of this book. There were just a series of events that lead to the next book, but I felt like nothing was really achieved within this book (other than the advancement of Elena's relationships). Nothing about the council changed, enemies are still enemies and individuals go unpunished. As I stated above it just felt like a filler book to me.

This, for me, is the weakest book of the series so far. I still love the characters and world that Singh has created. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance and even those who just like the paranormal genre. Yes there is romance within this book and series, yes there are sex scenes, however, the book is a lot darker and grittier than many of the paranormal romances out there.


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  1. I bought Archangel's Consort awhile ago but I still have to read it! It's too bad that it's more like a filler book but I hope I'll still enjoy it...

    Thanks for the review J-9! :)