Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ilona Andrews: On the Edge

In the first book in a new series by Ilona Andrews, the reader enters the world of the edge, where the magic world and normal world meet and those who are able to live in both.

The Broken is the world where magic no longer exist, and is the regular world that most people know. They work and go to Walmart and never think that there is such thing as magic. The Wierd is where magic thrives and the area is controlled aristocrats who have the most powerful magical powers. And then there is the Edge, the are in between the two worlds, where the people who live on the edge can live in either area and are thought to be the lowest on the class scale on both sides. Rose lives on the edge and has had to protect her family ever sense she proved that she has very strong magic within her. Rose is used to protecting herself and family from blue bloods and fellow neighbors trying to make her into a brood mare, but something very dark has entered into the edge, something with very dark power that is looking for those who also have powerful magic. Old feuds and beliefs are going to be needed to set aside or the edge people are not going to survive, but Rose and her family are primary target and she is going to have to tap very deep into her power, if anyone is going to survive

I am HUGE Ilona Andrews fan. I absolutely love her Kate Daniels series, it is one of my favorites and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys the paranormal genre, so my expectations for this book may have been higher than normal for any other author.  Just based off this first book I prefer her Kate Daniels series as there is more action and it has the darker edge that I like. Even comparing it to other books within the paranormal genre this book did not have enough action for me and definitely went more with the paranormal romance side of things.Yes there are some dark moments and the bad guy within the book is creepy, but there was also something missing for me in the storyline and plot.

I think that Andrews has created an interesting world and dynamic between the Broken and the Weird, and I'm hoping in the next book that she explores it more. Though based upon some events in the first book I do wonder if she will head back in that direction. I also found it interesting that only the individuals who are born on the edge, with the exception of some blue bloods, are able to travel very easily through the border. These people serve a great purpose but seem to be the poorest in each domain. I really like this idea and I believe that it was well described and created by Andrews.  

I did like Rose as a character, for her love and protection of her family. She would put anything, including herself before she would let anything bad happen to her family. She also puts on a strong front so that her family will survive but you can tell that what she really wants is someone to share the burden with. I think that Andrews did a good job of making Rose a good mixture of hard and soft and had a believability in her character. Also Rose powers are very interesting and I'm excited to see how they will develop in the future. Her brothers too were also interesting characters, I think that Andrews did a good job of showing the interaction between the brother, their own powers and really boys will be boys, lol.

Although it is not my favorite debut of a new series, I am still intrigued as to what happens next to Rose and her family. I think that everyone who likes the paranormal genre should  read (needs to read) Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels series, but if you like your paranormal genre with a more romance aspect to it, then I think you will like Andrew's Edge series.


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