Monday, August 6, 2012

Alicia Wright Brewster: Don't Call Me Angel

With her debut indie short story Alicia Wright Brewster introduces the reader to a fallen angel who is struggling to get out of Hell.

Six does not really know why she was sentenced to Hell, some sort of Bureaucracy from above but as soon as she was placed there Six has had several plans to get out of Hell, all that have failed, but she has spent centuries planning and working towards her next plan. But can Six really handle being back in the real world, where she knows she will be hunted be be brought back to Hell and the feelings that she thought she had lost towards humans resurface and test her resolve to not to be involved in their every day lives. However, Six is going to have to be aware of a threat that is even closer to her, as all is not what it seems.

I was surprised when I opened up the book on my Nook and discovered that it was only 85 pages, but I had told the author that I review her story, even though I tend to stay away from reads that are this short, I just did not expect it to be this short. The premise of the story is what really caught my attention and I wanted to see what kind of story Brewster could develop in this few pages.

I found that Brewster was able to create a story about Six (even with the shortness of the book) that kept me wanting more and more. Brewster could have taken the premise of these 85 pages and made it into longer story and I think that she still would have been successful. I think that it is harder to write a short story that develops characters and creates an interesting and engaging plot than it is to write a 300 page book. I think that Brewster succeeds on all aspects. I think in future books this series may move into a more paranormal romance area, just based upon these 85 pages, but for right now, it is a fairly dark paranormal read (which I love).

I found Six (Yes it is an odd name, but do not worry the name is explained in the story) as a very interesting character, her time as an angel and then a fallen angel have changed how she views humans as she sees them as having everything, yet never being satisfied with what they have (which I think is very true for a large portion of the world population). To make things worse she can feel the emotions of each human that she passes, from sadness, to anger to fear to happiness and Six struggles with blocking it out and not helping out. Even after centuries of darkness, cold, hatred and not understanding why she was banished she still has the ability for compassion, even if she does not want it.

Brewster's short tale is a blessing and a curse. Brewster left me wanting to read more about Six and her new life and I was interested in the story, however, I think that by having a longer novel Brewster would appeal to more readers (myself included). I hope that Brewster decides to release a longer second book or puts the additional stories that she is writing together to create a longer read so that her story is not lost within the stacks of read longer books. I know I will be looking for book two, book one leaves the reader with quite a bit of a cliff hanger.

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  1. Thanks for your review, J-9!

    "I hope that Brewster decides to release a longer second book"

    Already in the works ;)

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