Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amanda Carlson: Hot Blooded

The second picks up right where the first book left off, so you will need to read the first book Full Blooded in order to get a grasp of what I occurring in this novel.

Jessica is one pissed off werewolf. Not only has she recently turned and at times has to struggle to control the wolf inside her, but she is also in a race against time in order to save her mate Rourke from a goddess who set on killing him and her. But if Jessica thought it was going to be easy to get Rourke back she is mistaken, Selene has some very interesting tasks for Jessica and her group to beat in order to even reach her lair. Through it all Jessica struggles to keep herself and everyone in her party alive and she is going to learn, just what being a werewolf means and that there are enemies everywhere and a evil goddess may just be the least of her worries.

In the first novel, I was disappointed where the book ended, I thought that the story was just getting started and then all of sudden the book was done, and I could not believe that was where Carlson decided to end her debut novel. However, I was happy that Carlson basically started this book where the first one left off. I would have been very disappointed if there was a big time gap between the two. This book starts off a little slow as there are some pack politics that need to be handled first, however, Carlson picks up the pace throughout the rest of the book with plenty of action and adventure as Jessica and her band make their way to Selene's cave. Especially when you near the end of the book Carlson takes a darker turn, which I will say was unexpected, but I think that the story needed in order to enhance the way that the series is going to go.

I liked the exploration of Jessica's powers and the development of them. I felt that Carlson had quite a good imagination with the expression of Jessica's power(s) the further the reader gets within the book and you never really knew where Carlson was going to take the powers next. I also enjoy that Carlson lets Jessica have a brain and a heart with which she makes all of her decisions.

It was interesting that Carlson introduced a few new villain type creatures as the tests that they have to get to in order to reach Selene's liar. Each one seemed very unique and I like how each coincided with Jessica discovering something new about herself and abilities.Plus there were zombie goats, I mean how can you not like zombie goats, lol. When you throw zombie goats into the mix I will say that allowed Carlson to keep me guessing as to what she would come up with next, which was nicely refreshing.

There are some very new/complicated/interesting relationships developed in this novel. I especially liked her partnership/friendship with Naomi and how complex it is going to become with there never being an ally between the two factions before. I also like Naomi as a character, she is a great strong female secondary character within the book and I would enjoy reading and learning more about her. I think she is a strong secondary lead that was needed within the book. The fact that she is a vampire also enhanced my curiosity about her.

So I guess some of you reading this may wonder if Jessica was able to rescue her mate, Rourke, in time, well I'm not one to give too big of spoilers so read the book and find out :). I like the direction that Carlson has taken this series (especially with the darker side coming through) and I look forward to see where she goes next. I personally think this book was better than the first.


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