Wednesday, November 6, 2013

R. F. Sharp: No Regrets, No Remorse

In his debut novel R.F. sharp shows what happens when murder resolves around lawyers who know the law inside and out:

Oscar us a former lawyer who has found his passion in making art and running a art gallery. He is a long way from the court room and has no designs of returning ever. However, when his former partner, Roy, is accused of murder, Roy does not want anyone representing him but Oscar. Roy knows that Oscar believes him when he says that he is not guilty. But Oscar is going to need all the help he can get from his roommate Sydney Simone, who has her own secrets that she hides from Oscar and a set of skills that he is not even aware of. As the two of them get closer to the real killer they get their own target on their back.

Overall this novel was okay, but I did not get what I expected from this book. I thought that Sydney was the main character of this novel based upon the premise but other than the first chapter, Oscar was the more prominent character. Sydney's story and character were secondary and I actually think there were more chapters from Oscar's point of view than Sydney's. This is why the premise was so confusing, it is meant to be Sydney who is the main character whose story we are meant to follow, not Oscar. Sydney's story was the one that had me interested enough to pick up this novel and I feel jilted by not getting to fully explore it. Whomever wrote the premise for the book did not read this book before they did.

It was interesting reading about Oscar attempting to re-navigate through  world as a lawyer as well as as a now investigator. Oscar was an easy character to like as  he attempt to navigate through in almost a child like way. I think he seems to always think the best of people even though that gets him into trouble a few times through out the book. there are also times when this character aspect is frustrating because he misses things that are right in front of his face.

This book had a lot of promise, you can tell that this is Sharp's debut novel, it lacks an overall finesse and flow of a more seasoned author. The mystery in the novel is overall okay, it was able to hold my attention, it was predictable at times, but I will say that there were a few times that Sharp was able to surprise me. Therefore, I think that Sharp may be an author to watch out for in the future. I think that once he has the ability to refine the story and content more there will be something great here. I would read another novel by Sharp to see if there are improvements between the first and second novel. Those who are looking for an easy mystery to follow and read would enjoy Sharp's novel.

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