Monday, January 13, 2014

Marcia Clark: Guilt by Degrees

If you missed the first book in this series Guilt by Association, that is okay as it is not really necessary to read it first as I think that Clark did a really good job of either referring back as to how characters knew each other if she needed to, so this could be read as a stand alone if you cannot find the first book. However, I really enjoyed the first novel (and Clark's debut into fiction writing), so I would recommend that you read just for a good read.

Rachel Knight hates incompetence, especially in the court room and that is how she found herself taking on a case that would not normally transferred up to special prosecution, but Rachel always wants to see justice done right no matter what, but this case is going to be far from the easy road.  Not only does this case raise a lot of political issue within the prosecution's office it also raises questions about the man who is be accused of murder. Something does not sit right with Rachel and now she and Baily on track to prove who the real murderer is. But this case is more connected to Rachel than she will ever realize, it is just the beginning of someone who is hunting her and they will stop at nothing to destroy everything Rachel loves and will finish it by ending her life.

I really enjoyed Guilt by Association and I was really hoping that Clark could pull me as she did in the first novel and I'm not going to lie, but I think that this was an amazing follow up to the first book. I actually think that I like this book better than the first one, and I think that this is because we know our characters and how they work that I already feel more vested in them. Also I found the mystery part of the story, both the murder and who is stalking Rachel. I found that they were more complex with unexpected twists and an ending that I did not expect.

I really enjoy the relationship between Rachel and Bailey both when they are working together and when they are not. They have true friendship and balance each other out really well. They are not the same person and they make up for what the other individual lacks. Their relationship also provides some of the comic relief in the novel as well.

I like Rachel even more now, her thought process and how she goes into a case and investigation, are really well done. I admire her dedication to justice, right and wrong making sure that every avenue is investigated in a case. Though she does not know the first thing about relationships and there were times where I wanted to shoot her for how she handled things with Graden. As we do live in a digital world, I mean who hasn't Googled someone who they are going on a date with or are just starting a relationship with. It is so much harder to hide your skeletons now, that it really does not surprise me that he looked into her. He even owned up to it too. However, I do like what that situation forced Rachel to do and have a more open relationship with everyone and stop having the secrets.

This book is not going to end the way you think it will and I applaud Clark for not taking the easy way out. I am looking forward to reading Clark's next novel with Rachel and I cannot wait to see how the end of this book affects the storyline on the next.

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