Monday, February 3, 2014

Patrick Lee: The Breach

In the first in an action packed new series Patrick Lee introduces a man that never wanted to be a hero and a mysterious weapon that has the ability to change everything:

Travis Chase has just been released from prison and he is trying to restart his life back on the right side of the law. He decides to get back to nature and take a backpacking trip across the Alaskan wilds, but this trip will change his life forever. Travis stumbles upon a crashed 747 passenger plane that is filled with people murdered, but not by the crash. Among those dead it the wife of the USA's president, who has left a message that Travis cannot comprehend. Leading away from the crash site are several sets of tracks that Travis decides to follow and what he come across is a scene from a nightmare that is only just the beginning of events that will change Travis's life and possible the world forever.

Fast paced, interesting story and nonstop action, what more could a reader ask for in a action-adventure novel. Add into is some interesting concepts and characters you have a win win situation for the reader. I did not want to put this book down as there never seemed to be a good time todo so, there was always events unfolding both past and present that kept me hooked throughout.

Book has a definite sci-fi feel to it with the weapons, gadgets and secret policing force. The weapons were very imaginative and things that I have never read about before that Lee really excelled at this part of the novel. I never felt that the sci-fi aspect of the book was overwhelming where I was lost in the details or facts that Lee was presenting to the readers, which I was thankful for, as sometime I do get lost in these details. As this book is non stop action and with sci-fi weapons the scenes can be a little far fetched at times, especially one fight in particular where the body count is astronomical and all I could think about this scene was how are they going to explain it later. It seemed that the consequences were kind of lost on this scene.

I really liked Travis as a character, I found him smart and willing to think outside of the box when everything seems to be already predicted by the whisper. You can tell that he is their best chance to stop everything from happening. It was also interesting learning about Travis' past what lead him to be in prison and really shaped the man before. There are quite a few shocking moments that occurred beforehand (before the crash) that really set the course for what was happening and I like that Lee revealed these throughout the book.

Interesting concept with an unexpected ending, that I personally did not see coming and I don't think that many people will. I was really impressed with Lee's writing style and while there were quite a few out of this world ideas I never felt lost in all that information or action. I would read another novel by Lee and I would continue alone in Travis' series


Note: There are some torture scenes that are descriptive in nature, so please be advised before you read this novel.

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