Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sandy Williams: The Shadow Reader

In her debut novel Sandy Williams take the readers to the world of the Fae where only certain humans are able to see the Fae and even fewer are able to read the shadows:

McKenzie is a College student who is desperately trying to finish her final exam and receive her degree, but as she is writing the questions her Fae partner Kyol appears with a danger warning. Not wanting to be seen talking to herself (again), McKenzie has to leave her exam behind (again) and flee as the rebels. McKenzie is the court's most talented shadow reader and can pin point where a Fae fissure out which has help with the chasing the rebels throughout the realm. Kyol tries to protect McKenzie but the rebels are able to capture her. McKenzie thinks that she is going to have a quick death, she is mistaken the rebels want to use McKenzie as the court did, but she refuses. Her loyalty is to the court and more importantly to Kyol. But the more the rebels pressure her and show her what life is like outside of the court, the more she beings to questions everything that has been told to her and that within the rebel force she might find everything she has ever wanted.

First off I would like to say that the cover of this book is misleading. I do not think that there is any point within this book where McKenzie wields a sword. I am actually pretty sure that she does not have any sort of fighting skills in her. Yes her and Kyol work as a fighting team but she is more of a spotter and he is the actual fighter. So if you are going into this thinking that McKenzie is going to be a kickass fighter and battle leader stop right now and put the book back on the shelf as that is not what you are going to get in this book. The only thing I can think of is that it is actually Lena on the cover, as she has the ability to fight, defend and lead the rebels.

What this book essentially boils down to is a love triangle and each Man trying to get McKenzie to see their way of things. It is an Old love versus a New love and I actually became tired of the fact that they both kept pushing her in passive aggressive ways to make her decision on who she should side with and really which side of the war she should work for.

I truly think that Williams could have had something here, she does a great job world building by having the Fae world and our world interconnected. I liked the idea of the different gates that are between the two worlds and the Fae's ability to fissure in and out. It was also interesting that there are only a few humans who can see the Fae and even fewer still that can read the shadows of the fissure and how McKenzie draws the information like a map and it can be in our world or theirs very interesting concept. The rebellion idea works and the possibility of it spilling over into the human world is a great threat as it could mean exposing the Fae to the world. Nevertheless, everything gets over shadowed by the Love Triangle and I mean everything that is all the story boils down to, who will McKenzie choose. If you want a urban fantasy romance, then you will probably like this book and enjoy this read, but if you are looking for more than that, I would look some where else.

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