Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chloe Neill: Friday Night Bites

You will probably want to read the first book in this series Some Girls Bite, before this one. While I do not think that it is 100% necessary to read the first book, well first, as much of what happens in the first book is basically covered in this one, it is always nice to start at the beginning of a series when you can.

Choel Niell is back with the next book in her Chicagoland Vampire series, and if Merit thinks that being a vampire will keep her safe she is far from wrong:

With the Vampires now out in the open to the human population, it was only a matter of time when the public was going to become obsessive about them. So it is to be expected that there would be paparazzi following the major figures within each house and this includes Merit. The journalists are not only looking for celebrity style dirt on the vampires but some are trying to prove that they are a danger to the human race. When Merit and Ethan get word of Vampire Rave massacres they need to anything they can to stop it and prevent word from reaching the public. However, this is easier said than done, there is someone that does not want Vampires and Humans to get along, they want an all-out war. What Merit and Ethan need to figure out is is the perpetrator Human or a Vampire and how long do they have before an all-out war happens.

This book was a pretty good follow up to the first book, though part of me thinks that the first two books could have been combined into one, as at the end of the first book I felt there was not really the conclusion I was looking for and it was not really a cliff hanger either. This book really just feels like a continuation of the first book as it really follows the same format and really no new information is achieved in this book and they are still fighting the same battle and nothing new is really introduced. I wish that Neill would have either made these two books into one, or had a different plot or story arc for the second book so it did not feel like deja vu.

I like Merit as a character and it was interesting to see her interaction with her family, especially her father. I personally cannot see her fitting into that affluent type of lifestyle even now being part of Cadogan house even, she is more down to Earth and gritty than any of those people seem to be. It was also interesting to see the development of her skills and powers and I look forward to see where she is able to go from here.

I know some people would have wanted Merit and Ethan's relationship to hit it into high gear in this novel, but I am glad that Neill has decided to take it slow and make Ethan work for it. There are too many novels where the heroine just want to jump in the sack with every hot vampire she comes across. There is still that sexual tension there that I am sure the romance fans will love and want to see more of but I cannot help but applaud Neill for her restraint on this fact.

Neill's novels are easy short reads that do not delve too much into conflict or characters so they are great reads when you just want to escape. I can understand why this series has done so well because they do allow the reader to escape and there is not really anything dark or disturbing within the novels that would put some readers off. I like to pick her books up when I have read too many books that are dark and intense in their themes.


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