Saturday, May 3, 2014

Patrick Lee: Runner

In his new series Patrick Lee introduces a new hero Sam Dryden who is just trying to escape his own demons when he is pulled into another person's demons:

Sam Dryden is a former special forces operator, but all he wants to do in the sleepy town in the coast of southern California is live a peaceful life and try to move on from the death of his wife and child. On a run late at night he encounter someone who is going to change his life forever. He sees a young girl running for her life from a group of heavily armed men. He cannot fathom what this young girl, Rachel, could have done to cause this situation, but all Sam knows is that he needs to protect. This one decision will change his life and Sam is now on the run for his life and trying to protect Rachel as well. But Sam does not understand what he is getting himself into, there is something very strange and different about Rachel, something he never thought possible and Sam has to decide if Rachel is really a threat to him, more than the mystery military group that is hell bent on tracking them down and eliminating them as a threat

This book had me interested from the very beginning as it picks up speed in the first chapters and really does not let go till you have finished this book. I really did not want to put this book down. It was action from beginning to end, with some interesting side plots as well to round out the novel and let the reader receive additional information about Rachel and how she became the way she is. I found that the action scenes were well thought out, interesting and yes at times they went to the point of impossible, but that is why we read fiction books. It is also a very scary actuality the extent that the military and subgroups will go to in order to have the next best weapon, to always one up other companies or countries and to always be on top no matter what.

I find that there are times when I am reading in the sci-fi genre that I get lost in the world, ideas and terminology. But I like how Lee appears to seamless intertwine a touch of sci-fi into his books that you don't feel like you are reading a sci-fi novel. There are only interesting touches here and there and I think that the book takes place in our time/world. So do not be discouraged if you are not a fan of the sci-fi genre I think that you would still enjoy this novel as well.

I felt like I never really got to know Sam in this novel, but the things I did find out about him I did like. Right from the beginning you can tell that he is willing to put his life on the line for others and for what he thinks is right as well he is loyal to a fault and both those are qualities that I like in my hero. I am interested in Sam's back story as well as his previous missions, he seems to have some very unique skills. I am always interested to learn how a character has been shaped by his past and I hope that Lee will explore this in future books.

I have really enjoyed the two books that I have read by Lee, both from different series and look forward to reading more. I really enjoy Lee's ability mix action adventure, thrills and sci-fi all into an interesting plot and face paced read.

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