Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mark Alpert: The Furies

Mark Alpert takes the readers to a secret culture that has hidden within the USA since the Europeans traveled to North America and it has been their seclusion that has ensured their survival.

For centuries and in different regions throughout the world the Furies have lived amoung us, they worked with the people, were their wives and created lives. But during the age of century where everything suspicious was a verdict for death, especially for women, they settled into the New World America where they could forge their own way and land and be left alone in peace. Fast forward to our time, John is not really living his life, he doesn't have a job, has lost his family and he is existing not really living. On a chance encounter in a bar, John is instantly taken in by Ariel's beauty and the fact that she seems interested in him, is even more shocking. This one moment, this one event is about to drastically change John's life forever, and he doesn't know whether he will survive this change or not, but he knows that he has finally found something worth living for and protecting once again.

When I originally read the premise of this book I assumed that it was going to be about the Fae, I could not have been more wrong. Alpert created a very interesting, creative and different twist on witches or Wicca. It is always nice to have someone put a different spin on things and I like that he started the book during the witch hunts in Europe. This helped explain some of the culture choices that the Furies made in the future and the rules that were created in America. I am always interested in the cultures that an author sets out in a book and while we get a hint of the Furies culture, the main information you get is the difference between the Men and the Women both culturally and genetically.

I  would classify this book as a light fantasy thriller novel that is basically non stop action through out. You will find it hard to find a place to put the book down as who wants to put down the book on a fight scene, especially when there are badass bikers around. It is light on the fantasy side of things, as the world is basically the same as ours, just with a secret society, where the women have some special abilities (I don't want to give away the book) and the men are born normal but strive to be extra special like the women.

It is always interesting to read a book and not like either main character, however, I do not think that that is what Alpert was going for in this book. I found John was too complacent and  too willing to please and falling right in love with Ariel was a bit annoying. John also was so unsure of himself and seems to think he has no good qualities that you can only really feel sorry for him and that is about it. I found that Ariel was really really manipulative and I struggle to wonder if Ariel ever really loved John. I'm not sure if this is just what she has trained herself to do after living for so many years but she definitely uses John's feelings towards her to her advantage, even when she knows it could lead to his death. This is where Alpert did not succeed in his story, I never really believed the relationship between John and Ariel and in order to really enjoy a story I think you have to like the characters somewhat or at least have some sort of strong feelings for them. I think that Ariel and John just fell and felt really flat.

This book was able to keep me entertained and I liked Alpert's writing style, I found the plot interesting and he had some great fight scenes (I mean who steals a ferry boat) but I found the character development and chemistry lacking between characters and I think this is important must within a book. Still the plot and ideas in the book were enough to get me though. I would read another book by Alpert, but I do not think this book is a must read, only a read it if this review piques your interest.

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