Saturday, August 6, 2016

Anna Snoekstra: Only Daughter

In Anna Snoekstra's debut novel an imposter learns that the most dangerous place can be your home:

Rebecca Winter was just a regular 16 year old teen until in 2003 she disappeared, the only clue was her cell phone found in a ditch. It is now 2014 and The Imposter who has just been arrested needs a way out. She knows she looks like Rebecca Winters but is it enough to fool her family and everyone involved in the case. The Imposter just tells herself it is just for a short amount of time till she can figure out her next move. Before long the Imposter is living Bec's life with her family but The Imposter soon learns that home can be more dangerous than you think as everyone in Bec's life seems to have secrets.

The is a really good and interesting debut novel and I will say that this book Had me hooked from the prologue, when Bec feels like someone is watching her as we have all felt that feeling before, the eyes that never seem to go away. I really enjoyed the style that Snoekstra decided to use in which she goes back and forth between the 2003 and 2014. I think this highlighted the story that Snoekstra was going for and like in other books of this design you want to read faster and faster to find out what happened the days leading up to Bec's disappearance.

Really enjoyed the manipulation that The Imposter used in order to make those around her believe that she was Bec. She is truly a master of manipulation and playing off the cues of others as well as using the little bit of information that each of the people in the family and Bec's friends give her. I liked that The Imposter never really broke from character, you never learn her real name, only get some tidbits of information from her past and she refers to Bec's parents as The Mom and The Dad.

Bec is a typical teenage girl with a teenage crush and hating on her parents. I think one of my problems with how Snoekstra had Bec's chapters is that we were in her mind but not in her mind at other times when it would have been pertinent to know some of what she was thinking. I think that Snoekstra waited a bit too long in the book to reveal some of this information.

I love when a book can surprise me and Snoekstra was able to do that. There were so many weird experiences that happened to Bec in 2003 and The imposter in 2014 that there are multiple people who may or may not know what happened to Bec. Even the investigator on the case seems like he has a shady side, though Snoekstra does not go in to the investigation too much in this book, which I would have liked more information about what was done and who was interviewed in 2003 and the suspects that they had.

A very interesting debut and I loved how Snoekstra portrayed The Imposter. I look forward to seeing what Snoekstra comes up with next.

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