Monday, July 19, 2021

Melissa F. Miller: Irreparable Harm

In the first book in a series, Melissa F. Miller shows readers what it takes to be a top lawyer at a firm:

Sasha McCandless has one goal in life, make partner at her firm. Everything else in her life is on hold until that happens. When a commercial airline crashes, everyone on board is killed, it is Sasha's firm who is representing the airline company, they know there will be a class action lawsuit. This is Sasha's big chance and big case that could have the payoff that she is looking for. But the farther Sasha digs into the plane crash and company many aspects are not lining up and she discovers the unthinkable, could the plane have been crashed on purpose?

I love courtroom procedural books (and I don't read them often enough) when they are done right and I think when this book is taking place in the courtroom it is interesting and well done, but when the book moves away from the courtroom and lawyer aspects the book just becomes okay (at best). I found the book was predictable and you as the reader were waiting for the main characters to catch up with the information that we know, like we know who the bad guy is in the first half of the book. This is not my favorite way for a plot to be laid out as I find it hinders the suspense, causes to the plot to really lag as well with me, as the reader, trying to figure everything out which is part of the reason I read books.

Feel like this book shows that it was written in 2011 by having the female lead not only as a kick-ass lawyer but also amazing at some sort of marshal arts skills, that I cannot remember the name of, that no one can beat her at, especially when the thugs after her are the heavy just throw punches guys. She has some sort of tragedy in her past that she lives with and defines certain things she does now. On the other side of things, I really liked Sasha's mind and how she things of things in the law/court based approach of things and what she can do legally. Additionally, her moral compass is on point and even when there are millions even billions on the line vs human life.

I think that the relationship aspect was forced even though this is very secondary to the story with just some thoughts here and there it is totally not needed in the book and really did not even need to be hinted at throughout the book. Why can't male and female characters just work well together without them becoming a couple in the end. These two worked really well together and I felt that having them in a relationship didn't add anything to the plot (I feel that this also shows that this book was written in 2011).

So not my favourite read, I may try the second book in the series to see if there is more lawyer/courtroom scenes as I think that is what Miller did really well in this book and I hope that Sasha grows as a character too.

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