Monday, February 14, 2011

Faith Hunter: Skinwalker

In Faith Hunter's new series, Skinwalker she introduces the reader  to the world of a skinwalker, an individual born with the ability to change into multiple animal forms.

 Jane Yellowrock, vampire hunter, Cherokee, skinwalker and past unknown. She has been hired by the Vampire Council of New Orleans to find and kill and rouge Vampire. Jane knows that trouble is heading her way if the council is unable to take out this rouge, but Jane knows that she can handle herself even if the vampire can't place just what she is. This means that the council is trying to keep an extra eye on Jane, as she cannot be trusted and her ability to disappear while they are watching is very disconcerting to them. But Jane is not about to trust the Vampire in this town either or the man (the Joe) who seems to be following her around. Jane knows that the Vampire Council is not telling her everything, this rouge does not smell right and why are they so afraid of it. Jane may need to watch her back as it seems that no one in this town can be trusted and she may have bit off more than she can chew...

 I  enjoyed this book and it was able to keep me entertained. Not going to lie (and it may be counter to some recent reviews I have written0, I like Jane but part of the main reason is that she is a motorcycle riding and shot gun toting girl. I happen to love motorcycles, I think more books need motorcycles in them, lol, I guess that is just my thing. Jane is basically part of the typical Kickass vampire hunter female protagonist that is very common within the paranormal genre. However, there are different aspects with in this book, and personally my favorite part of the book was Hunters introduction to Beast. 
Beast is it's own entity, with it's own thoughts feelings and has the ability to make decisions. The Beast is not hindered to one form, as long as Jane has a piece of an animal but Beast prefers a black panther.  I believe that this is the best aspect within this book. The interaction between Jane and her Beast is what sets this book apart from others. The book has a pretty good storyline, but nothing too new within it, but it Hunter's imagination on this one aspect that was really able to really hold my attention. I  enjoyed how in Human form Jane determined what was right and wrong, but when Beast was in charge it had control and often there was a battle between the two as to right and wrong (talk about multiple personalities). Hunter also did a good job in showing the difference between when Jane was in control and when Beast was in control. When Jane was in control it was a normal Human decision making process, but when Beast was in control it was more primal and animalistic thought process. As I said above it is this aspect that makes Skinwalker different from other novels, and gives it the reader something new to contemplate and discover about.

I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading paranormal books that are more about action and mystery than romance (as there is no romance in this book) and for someone who enjoys a kickass heroine but is looking for something with a different edge.


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