Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chloe Niell: Some Girls Bite

In the first novel in a Vampire series, Neill shows that turning a person into a Vampire unwilling, may just have dire consequences for the master:

Merit was just a regular college student, when one day she was attacked by a Vampire while walking the campus grounds. She would have died if the Master Vampire of Cadogan House had not made the difficult decision so save her and it is one that he is going to regret. When Merit awakes and discovers what she has becomes, she is furious that the choice was taken away from her, and is determined to fight her new "master" every step of the way. But all this in fighting needs to be put on hold, as more girls are turning up dead around the city, threatening to collapse the peace that is already hanging by a thread. Merit's first task as a vampire, try and find who tried to kill her and prevent all out chaos from occurring, nothing too much for a Newbie Vampire.

I'm not going to lie I was completely surprised I liked this book, I was actually more prepared to not like this book. I thought it was going to just be a paranormal romance book and be typical one at that. I was surprised to find that not only did I enjoy the book it was not completely like what I expected it to be. I expected there to be the instant attraction and yes this does occur but what normally occurs after that did not (also known as Merit and Ethan hooking up) I was shocked that this did not occur. I think that Neill did a good job of keeping the attraction down and showing more about the Vampire politics within the book and having Ethan and Merit avoid each other.

I will say that the mystery aspect within this book is very light and is a secondary premise. It takes a back seat to Merit attempting to come to the realization as what it is like to be a vampire and to be changed without a choice. That is the main intersection between the two premises as Merit was meant to be killed, instead she became a vampire and eventually she is on the hunt to find out who did this to her (eventually is the key word in that sentence as her search does not begin till the latter half of the book).

I am interested in the vampire politics that Niell lays the groundwork for within this novel. I believe that this was one of the main aspects that I enjoyed about this book, the inter-workings of the Vampire society especially when they are revealed to the humans. Additionally, the interesting aspects of the different houses within Chicago and how some chose to drink human bloods and others did not.

Overall, I did like Merit as a character and look forward to seeing her and her powers grow. I did find her a bit whiny at times, and unable to accept certain aspects that are certain in this world. I was very impressed that her character is committed to resisting her attraction to Ethan and going to great lengths to keep their relationship nothing but professional. This was the aspect that made me like Merit the most as a character.

This book was a complete surprise to me, and it was nice to be surprised and to have my expectations shattered, as this book was not the typical paranormal romance I thought it was going to be. So kudos goes to Neill for that surprise. I actually liked this book so much that I went and got the second book on my ereader the same day I finished reading this one so that I could Merits story


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