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Susan Ee: World After

This is the second book in Susan Ee's End of Days series, and you have to read the first book before you even consider picking up this book, as I think you would be very lost without reading it. That aside Angelfall blew me away, it was so much more than I expected, and I highly recommend it.

Penryn has been the protector of her family long before the war against the Angel began, she has always been responsible for her mother and sister, Paige. Penryn feels like she has failed both of them as she was unable to protect Paige and she is on the hunt to find her when she disappears. Her search takes her to a new medical prison where the Angels are turning humans into something out of this world. Penryn knows she needs to escape before she is chosen for those medical experiments and to protect her mother and find Paige. Penryn will do anything to escape even if it means returning to the aerie.  

This was a great follow up to the first novel and I am glad that Ee decided to have this book start right where the first book left off. However, the first novel set my expectations really high that it does not surprise me that I likes the first book more. I do not know many series where the second book out shines the first. This is not to say that the second book is far off from the first, I still read it as fast as I possible could and did not want to put it down, I even did I only have 100 pages left it's 12 am it's not too late to finish right? I think where Ee really succeeds within the book is her story telling as she has an amazing ability to draw the reader into her story and characters.

I found that Ee lost quite a bit of the darkness that I enjoyed in the first book and it was even better that the darkness in her writing was unexpected, so I am unsure as to why it was not there in this second book (maybe she is saving it for the third?). There was also less fight scenes and actions within this book which I missed also. There were also some point in the book that were very deja vu as there seemed to be scenes very similar to the first book, so this was a little bit confusing to me. I mean a new book should have new ideas, new events and new scenarios and while there were not a lot of these, there was enough for me to notice.

I find that Penryn is a good balance of wanting to act like a teenager but knowing that she is the one responsible for her mother and sister and she puts this role above all else, therefore, I do not find her to be the annoying teenager I have read in other YA or New Adult books. It is interesting being in Penryn thought process and knowing what is at stake at each moment and the risks that she has to take not only for her to survive but her family and Rafe as well. Penryn is just a great character and at times I question her decision and judgements, she is just a teenager who has been put in an impossible situation.

The interaction with sword now knows as Pooky Bear (lol love the name and the outfit that Penryn decides to give it and her logic behind it is really smart), was interesting addition to the storyline. I like knowing where the main characters have come from what is their past, so having Penryn experience through the memories of the sword was an amazing idea and gives a very interesting point of view. This made me not miss Rafe in the present as the reader is still receiving glimpses of him, of what he was like before and all the battles that he has fought and the warrior friends that he has lost along the way.

This is a fantastic New Adult series, that I think that everyone who likes UF/PN or post apocalyptic genres should give a try, especially Angelfall as I think you will be hooked from then on. I cannot wait for the next book in this series and I hope that Ee has found the darkness from the first book. 

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