Monday, May 11, 2015

Anne Bishop: Vision in Silver

In order to enjoy and understand this book you are going to need to read the previous two books Written in Red (which is a fantastic debut novel) and Murder of Crows. These books really set the stage for Vision in Silver and I cannot fathom how you could understand the story, characters and world without reading the first two.

Anne Bishop is back with the third book in her Others series and if the Others thought that the human were cruel before, they are going to see a whole new side of them:

After the Others freed the cassandra sangue from one compound they did not realize what type of consequences there would be for the other compounds around the country as the controllers attempt to dump their “stock”. They also did not realize how hard of a time the cassandra sangue would have with adapting to the outside world and there have been many deaths along the way. If this was not enough to concern the Others there are shadows of war creeping in from across the Atlantik where the Humans First and Last movement is gaining more momentum. They are a group that will stop at nothing to ensure their own gain and to have more followers. Everyone is playing a deadly game one that the Others knows how it will end, but everything has complications especially when they look at their newly formed Human pack.

I really enjoy this series, but there has yet to be a book that beats the first one. I did not find that I was engaged in this book or on the edge of my seat as much as I was in the first book and even the second to some extent. I think that this was mainly due to the fact that this book felt more like a filler book as nothing really seems to happen throughout most of the novel (till near the end) and this book just seems to be setting things up for bigger things to come (ie the new village).

There were a lot more point of views in this book as we interact with some of the characters from in the village but also the Inuit and some of the cassandra sangue girls that were rescued from compound. I liked the Bishop took the time to explore the some of the problems that the girls are having with being in the outside world, even Jane who was born there and the adjustment that need to be made. I think that the cassandra sangue will be an even more powerful source once they are able to learn to control their powers (which I am also glad that Bishop touched on this topic as well). Your heart does break a little when you read them struggling to adapt to this strange world, and how it is too much for some of them

There was also more of Meg's Human pack in this book as they try to help her with her visions as well as the integration into regular life. It is very interesting the see the story arc that Bishop has taken in regards to humans and the Others as from the first book you never would have thought that the Others would be able to accept any human among them. I like that Bishop has allowed even the most stubborn of characters to learn and grow, and it seems that the human on the outside are the one that have forgotten and have not learned a thing.

I found that the relationship between Meg and Simon took a backseat in this book, as there is less interaction between them. I like that Bishop is taking her time to develop this relationship and I am interested in seeing where she is going to go with it, but if you are reading this book for just Simon and Meg's relationship you will probably be disappointed.

I have found that both the second and third book in this series has yet to live up to the first and I am hopeful that Bishop will be able to achieve this in the fourth book. This is a series that has grabbed a hold of me and I don't want to let go. I am looking forward to the next book in the series and I hope it comes out soon :)

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