Monday, December 27, 2010

J.L. Bourne: Day by Day Armageddon

J.L Bourne's first book in a series that follows the journal entries of a combat pilot for the U.S.A as the life as we know it comes to an end.
Sporadic News reports. A strange virus is sweeping the Earth. Violence and chaos spread throughout the world, it is unknown if there is a place untouched by this virus. The dead are rising, seeking the living to feed on. The dead are rising in thousands, and as the living struggle to survive, one realizes that the dead are the new dominant race of the world. This is the hand written journal depicting one man's struggle to survive in a new world of global disaster, where the dead keep on living. This journal depicts the decisions he is forced to make which ultimately decides whether one lives or becomes part of the cursed walking the Earth as the dead.

I really enjoyed this book, it was non-stop action, lots of suspense and a great, well written story, that kept me coming back for more (if I wasn't required to join in for Christmas festivities, I probably wouldn't have put this book down).

This book is told in the first person diary format, so if you are not a fan of these types of books then you will probably not enjoy this book. I personally liked the format as it was more realistic than strictly being told in the first person. The journal entries are how he sees the world and the events that are happening to and around him. I believe in this way the reader really gets to know the main character within the book, and what his thought process is and the struggles he is forced to go through. This book really draws the reader in, and i never knew that the books could be so suspenseful told in a journal format. I really enjoyed the overall realness and believability of the book, even though it would be put in the horror/paranormal/fantasy genre.

My only criticism of this book is that it ended when it did. It felt like the story was not finished, which is true as there is a second. I wish the two books were put together because they are both on the slightly shorter side than most books. Nevertheless, I don't think that you cannot Not read the second book, I know that I need to know what happens next which is what you want in any novel, something that keeps you coming back for more.

This book is for people who are looking for a nonstop action fast paced book, whether you read horror or zombie books at all. This book is about survival and what would one do in order to survive. Would you try to survive on your own, or would you seek the help of others? How would you handle knowing you are one of the only humans left alive on Earth? And really when push came to shove and your survival is on the line, what would you do to survive? Time to get your survival kit ready, as Day by Day Armageddon feels like a realistic ride, that the this virus might just be around the corner. As I said I really enjoyed this book and I am going to pick up the second one and delve into reading it as soon as I can. I need to know what happens next.


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  1. wow! that sounds like a fun read - viruses and the dead rising! i'll check this out when it hits the local stores.
    by the way j9, i got my nook already and i posted a couple of pics on my blog! check them out
    is the cover the same as yours? love my new toy! yay! c",)

  2. You wrote a very good review. It was very easy to read. I must read this book. I actually have both this one and the next one in audio MP3-CD format since I have a retail online store...but I NEVER have time to listen to audio books anymore since I retired and don't have long commutes like I used to...Anyway, I think I will look for these on Kindle!! Thanks again!

  3. hi again j9! i'd like to say congratulations! i have chosen to give you the Life is Good award. check it out at c",)

  4. it's me again j9! thanks for stopping by my blog. i just love my nook and the Lyra Light cover. i still won't give up reading paper- and hardbacks but having a nook is super convenient! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! c",)