Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jordan Summers: Red

This book was not quite what I expected, but that does not mean it was a bad book. This book is a combination of paranormal and sci-fi genres, as the book occurs in the distant future, with futuristic weapons, laws, countries, ect. Normally for me I stay away from sci-fi books as they have never appealed to me in the past. Personally, if I had known that the book had sci-fi aspects, I probably would not have picked it up. Don’t worry the sci-fi is secondary in the story, if you are not a fan of that genre, it just sets the overall scene.

Gina "Red" Santeiago is a member of an elite tactical team, in a post apocalyptic world
. She has devoted her life to protecting the people of the world from the "others", which are creatures that no one really knows where they came from, but they do know they do not want them crossing into their town. While out on a mission Red discovers a mutilated women’s body, whom the rest of the team believes a wild animal killed but Red sees that crime scene differently. Taking time off from her job she goes solo to attempt to find out what happened to the women and her journey leads her to a small town in an area that used to me Arizona and to a very attractive sheriff named Morgan Hunter. Red cant explain her instant attraction to him, but her priority is catching a murderer. Morgan has said that he will help her, yet Red believes that Hunter is not telling her everything. When another body is discovered, Red begins to question the little town, the sheriff and herself. As she begins to get closer and closer to the truth about the secrets held by the town, the sheriff and herself it puts herself in even more danger than before.

The book was overall an okay, easy read, as it was predictable. I was hoping for a few more twists, turns, mystery and action, just to make the story more interesting and keep me guessing. You will like this book as it is something different than the typical paranormal romance and there still are some steamy sex scenes for you. You will Not like this book if you are more into werewolves that turn into actual wolves than, wolf-man form. I liked that there were some chapters where the point of view came from that of the killer, it let you have a different sense of what was really going on, and it shifted the focus away from the attraction and sex scenes/attraction between Hunter and Red.

So I guess to sum this review up was it the best book I have read lately? No. Was the book able to hold my attention? Yes. Am I interested in reading the next book? Maybe. I think there are just better books and first books in a series out there, that I may forget to get the next book and read it. I just wish there was more to the book, it wasn’t so predictable and just a little less romance and sex (but that is just my preference).


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