Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ann Aguirre: Grimspace

The first in a futuristic sci-fi series Ann Aguirre takes the reader on a wild ride through space, discovering different planets and life forms, but also trying to stay out of the ruling organization's eye in order to complete their mission.

Sirantha Jax is the carrier of a the rare J-Gene that allows her to navigate Grimspace. However, Jax is the is the only survivor of a deadly space ship crash so she has been imprisoned by the Corp until they are able determine what happened.The problem is that Jax does not remember anything about the crash or what happened right before. The Corp is willing to uses ruthless interrogation methods in order to "make" Jax remember. But the problem is there are those that don't want Jax to remember at all and will go to extreme lengths to make sure she never remembers.

This is the first book that I have read by Aguirre and I picked it up because I have read great things about this series. I knew that I was getting into the sci-fi genre which is one that I do not visit that often, but I really wanted to try this one out. 

I enjoyed this book, I think that Aguirre used a classic story (one company or country controlling everyone and a rebel group of people trying to change that) but revamped it into the future and Aguirre was successful in doing so. I appreciated that the sci-fi technology speak (basically what I always get lost in when I read sci-fi books) was kept to a minimal and was more present at the beginning of the books. By not focusing so much on the futuristic technology I found that Aguirre was able focus more on the story and the journey of the characters. 

Grimspace is a very interesting concept. Those with the J-Gene are the only ones who are able to jump ships at warp speed from place to place. However, those who experience Grimspace know that is will eventually kill the jumper and they get lost in Grimspace. Even though jumpers know this they continue to jump looking for new place and the high they experience in there. Grimspace was like a J-Gene individual's drug. I hope that this addiction to Grimspace is explored more in the future as I think that it is a very interesting idea.

I did not like Sirantha Jax when she was first introduced as a character. I thought that I was in for another read of a cocky, know-it-all, sarcastic female protagonist (which if you cannot tell are not my favorite). However, I was surprised that Aguirre was able to develop and change Jax's character  through out the book, that in the end I really did like Jax. She kept some of the good aspects about the kickass heroine but due to the experiences she has in this novel she was able to change her overall attitude and view of life.

Aguirre did a really good job at building the backdrop for the story and I also think that she was very creative in the creation of the planets that are visited within the book. One of my favorite parts was Baby-Z, a small part in some ways but bigger in others, I just really liked Baby-Z. The secondary characters are also fairly well develop, though I am interested in learning more about March's past This book has also been classified as a science fiction romance novel, however, I did not find that the romance in the novel over powered the story.

I think that this is a good start to a series, and I know that I am interested in reading more about Jax, this world and what happens next. I think readers who are not a fan of science fiction but would like to give it another try, this is a good place to start, as long as they are okay with a little bit of romance in the book.


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  1. What a great review! Grimspace seems most interesting.

  2. Hi, J-9!

    I have this novel in my TBR, and have seen some very positive reiews of it. Now I've read your great take on it, I want to get lost in Grimspace more than ever! Lol.

    Thanks for such an interesting review!! : )