Friday, August 29, 2014

James Rollins & Grant Blackwood :The Kill Switch

James Rollins & Grant Blackwood bring a new side of the Sigma with the use of a Man and his Dog:

Captain Tucker Wayne and his military dog Kane are about to be handed the mission of their lives. After completing a freelance mission in Russia, Tucker is contacted by Sigma force to help with a delicate situation; extract a pharmaceutical genius from Russian soil before his discovery can be turned into a weapon by the Russian government. Seemed simple enough, but there are more players involved that Tucker thought that are on the hunt the doctor as well. Tucker and Kane don't quite know what they are up against yet, but they will soon learn that the fate of the world is going to be in their hands/paws.

I have not read a Sigma force book, which is one of Rollins' series, but this did not hinder me in the book as there is very limited interaction with someone who I believe is in the other books. There is also limited information about how Tucker and Kane worked for Sigma in the past but this did not limit my understanding of the book and really is just a moot point. The only real association with Sigma in this book is that they ask for Tucker and Kane to take on an assignment, there are no reinforcements coming to help them in Russia. I also really like that this took place in Russia, I just like that it is a change from the Middle East which have dominated Action Adventure novels in the most recent years.

I absolutely loved the interaction between Tucker and Kane; this is where Rollins and Blackwood excelled in the book. You can tell that they put in the research to understand what Tucker and Kane's capabilities could be, and I was shocked to learn the amount of commands and actions that Kane could understand and complete. Kane is a real asset to Tucker and the mission or job that he decides to accept. You can tell that Tucker really cares for Kane and his story about his other dog Abel at the beginning of the story broke my heart (yep I'm a sucker for animals). I also like that Rollins and Blackwood took the time to have some scenes from Kane's point of view and how he reacts to the commands that Tucker gives him and how his overall instinct sometimes wants to override that command. It was very interesting to see how a working dog would interpret commands in these types of situations.

Overall, I felt that the book was long winded, and not in a good way, as you knew they were going to win in the end and I felt that Rollins and Blackwood were really stretching it out for some reason. There were quite a few points where they could have chosen to end the book and I would have been a satisfied reader, but nope here they go again another battle. Some of the events near the end were not needed in my opinion.

I really enjoyed this book and felt that Rollins and Blackwood did a good job of balancing the action and the bond between Tucker and Kane. For me the interaction between the two was the best part of this book as the action at times was pretty farfetched but this is not surprising, it is after all what I would call an Action Adventure novel. I think that this may be a new series, if so I would read the next book and I look forward to learning more about Tucker and see what type of adventure him and Kane get up to.


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