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Suzanne McLeod: The Sweet Scent of Blood

In the first book in her series Suzanne McLeod introduces the readers to Genny who has the ability to find magic and dismantle it but unable to create it herself:

Genny Taylor works for a witch company, which is great as it means that the Vampires leave her alone, but that is all about to change. A famous calender vampire model is accused of killing his human girlfriend it seems that everyone is out for blood on this one and they all seem to want Genny's. After an old debt is called in Genny is forced to try and insert herself into the investigation to determine if there was more to the killing than just a draining of blood. Many are convinced that there was magic involved and this could send out a war between the witches and the vampires. Genny is in the middle of it all, trying to stay alive, trying to keep her past hidden and most of all trying to protect the people that she cares about, and lets just say she's not going to succeed on all fronts something has to give.

This book was just okay for me, there were some things that I could not get past and at times I found the book too slow for me and at times the story was convoluted. It seems to go this way then that way and then some how we ended up over here, I just couldn't figure out where McLeod was trying to take things. I didn't understand what the old debt that Declan had over Genny, it seemed to me that she had helped him out more than him helping her. I don't know maybe I missed something as I was reading. Overall, think she had too many ideas that she tried to test out in this book. An additional part of the confusion was due to the amount of characters that McLeod decided to introduce and they all have their part to play so you need to keep straight who is who as you try to figure out who is Genny's ally and who is not. For awhile I thought The Earl and the French Vampire were the same, just so you know they are not lol.

I liked the main character Genny as her background, heritage and powers were very interesting and it makes me want to learn more. Genny's mother was Fae and her father was Human but he was a vampire when she was born. This makes me think that somehow during the process of his change into a Vampire he was able to sire a child. Though this aspect is never fully explained, it makes sense with the apparent blood lust that Genny has at certain points in the book as well as the very cool magic spell that she has had attached to her body. I have yet to read a book where a Fae could not use magic but could dismantle magic, so I like that McLeod was able to put a new take on magic. I hope we get to read more about how unique that Genny is and more about the Prince who is hunting her.

Genny is pretty guy crazy in this book and I believe that this is mainly linked to the uniqueness of her blood. It did get annoying at times that everyone seemed to want her both men and women and for me this just took away from the already convoluted plot.

This book was an okay start to a series but it didn't Wow me like I wanted it to. I think if you like the main character you will like this book and want to continue on as the overall plot never really seems to come through, as there are so many subplots and too many characters to get to know in one book. I think I will read the next book in the series as I do find everything about Genny interesting but I'm not rushing out to buy it.

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