Monday, March 30, 2015

Ilona Andrews: Magic Breaks

Althought at the beginning of this book there is a brief synopsis presented that outlines what has happened before in the previous 6 books, you should read those before reading this one. They are not only great reads but a few pages never makes up for 6 books worth of character development, world building and relationships.

Ilona Andrews is back with her Kate Daniels series, and in this book what Kate feared most is about to happen:

Kate has always been taught to hide what and who she is from the world, but she knows that that is no longer possible, especially when Hugh d’Ambray strolls into a meeting of all the powers of Atlanta and tells Kate she either comes with him or else. Kate is always one to sacrifice herself for those she loves or those who are weaker that her, but Hugh's ultimatum is one that she cannot pursue, instead it becomes a game of Cat and Mouse where Kate attempts to beat Hugh at his own game. However, some things cannot be put off forever, and if Roland knows of Kate's existence it is only a matter of time before he comes for her and Kate knows that this is a battle that she cannot win.

Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniel series is the only series that I have continued to read since I started in with the paranormal/UF genres, I'm going to say over 10 years ago now. It may have something to do that they only release one book a year or two years so I still get that little thrill of excitement when the paperback finds it way to my door (I'm was kind of upset that they decided to start releasing in hardcover first and paperback almost a year later, but I understand they are popular and need to make money too, just means I have to wait that much longer). I think that Andrews' has created an interesting and ever changing world, with the shifts between technology and magic, a cast of characters and relationships that have grown shaped and changed throughout the books and for the most part the better.

It is amazing to see the type of character that Kate has grown into and how much she has changed from the first book, not only in character and personality but also her powers and the relationships that she has formed. The Kate that is in this book will still put herself before others but she has additional people and responsibilities that she needs to factor in as well, that everything is not as black and white as she would like it to be. This also showed how much Kate is willing to do to survive and the will to live that she has is incredible. I also think that Kate and Curran's relationship has never been better in this book and i'm happy they got past some of the issues in the previous two books.

If you know anything about Kate Daniels series and Andrews, I knew that this book was going to tackle Roland and I'm going to say I'm a was a little disappointed about what happened. I was expecting an epic battle with fire works and all i really got was a match lit that kind of fizzled out. I'm really not sure where Andrews is going to go from here. This does not mean in any way that I would not continue on in the series, just wanting to know where Andrews take it next would keep me reading.

I personally dread the day when there are no more Kate Daniels book, I don't know what I would have to look forward to year after year. I guess rereading the series over and over again (well except for Magic Slays, was not the biggest fan of that book). This is my favourite UF series and I think that Andrews did a great job with this book even though I questions some of the choices that they made and I am curious to see where she takes the next book with the big changes that happen in this book.

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