Monday, March 15, 2021

Keith C. Blackmore: Mountain Man

Keith C. Blackmore, takes readers to a small Canadian town where one man is trying to survive just by his whits:

Gus has all the things he needs in order to survive; Boomstick, Samurai Bat, Motorcycle leathers and a will to live. He has been living on his own for quite sometime now, looting what he can from long abandoned stores and homes (especially the liquor store). Gus has learned to live day to day as he never knows when his time will come. he may die while drunk or out on a run for supplies but one thing he does know is that he does not want to become a zombie. Really Gus only has his will to live that keeps him going until meeting another survivor changes everything.

I feel you can tell that this book was written in 2011. It has a dated feel to it and just the basic ideas of what you need to have in a zombie book. I just feel like it needs an update and some new ideas in order to make it feel more modern. Zombies are not really the creature that people are going to strive to read about right now, so you need something that makes it different and great from all the other Zombie stories that have already come.

I get that the main character, Gus, is a pretty crude guy that doesn’t have a care in the world and really just say fuck it to everything but I don’t need to read about him scratching his balls every few pages, once was enough thanks. Also all the metaphors for his penis, balls, overall manliness it just got exhausting and we get it already. I was really happy that Blackmore added Scott's POV. If it would have been Gus' POV throughout the whole book, I would have stopped the book before halfway, as I just could not deal with how he thought and spoke. Scott is more of a guy that you would cheer for in this book, he is not obsessed with getting drunk, sex and such that it was easier to read his POV.

Balckmore did a good job in describing the fight and fleeing scenes with the zombies and these occurrences within the book were entertaining. I think one of the areas that Blackmore needed to tone down was the description of bodily functions. I did not need to know about every trip to the bathroom and how it went.

I think the idea of Tenner is where Blackmore would have been really successful in having something a little different within this book. Wish there was more from Tennar's POV as he is basically like a kid in the Candy store with being a serial killer and all. I wish why he did what he did and was he the reason all the zombie bodies seemed to be disappearing, this would have really added more of a twist to the book other than about two POV from him. Tenner was a tertiary character that had so much potential that was not used.

I'm not sure where Blackmore will take this series, it does end on a bit of a cliffhanger but I am not sure I want to read the next one in the series yet, it will be a wait and see thing.

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