Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Darynda Jones: A Bad Day for Sunshine

In the start of a new series, Daryna Jones takes readers to Del Sol New Mexico, where the Sheriff's first day on the job has a missing girl and a kidnapper and all sort of memories when one comes home:

Sunshine Vicram is about to become the new Sheriff of Del Sol, New Mexico but the funny thing is, is that she never enter her name to be sheriff but her parents did and some how she won. Sunshine is happy to move home that he daughter Auri can be closer to her grandparents and the small town will be a slower pace of police work that is for sure. But on her first day there is a missing girl and nation wide fugitive is expected to be in the area, and Sunshine cannot seem to find one of her deputies. To make matters worse, there are some memories that are associated with Del Sol that Sunshine would like to forget, and one of the is Levi. Sunshine's first day is going to be anything but sunny.

This was a fun easy read that had me reading past my bedtime as I neared the end of the book (it really picked up). It was a good mystery throughout the book, but at times it did not seem like the main focus and more and more attention was paid to Levi. I like that there is both current cases and a historical one that directly involves Sunshine when she was younger and kidnapped. I think the one involving Sunshine will be one where we get a few new pieces of information each book, which I am perfectly okay with as it is a cold case, these take a long time to investigate and new evidence is needed to progress them along.

I liked that the romance in the book is not insta-love and one that has been brewing for years and years, and is almost enemies to lovers kind of thing and totally a complete misunderstanding of certain events that you as the reader will find out along the away and I have already made a few conclusions.

This book was funny especially Sunshine’s friend Quincy but it was not as laugh out loud as that I thought it would be, based upon a couple of reviews, but I did chuckle a few times.

We get an alternating POV between Sunshine and Auri. Sunshine is a fun character, extremely sassy, I'm not too sure about her ability to be a Sheriff yet, as a lot of her time was spent staring out windows at her old flame, Levi, but she does seem competent, but I honestly can remember any of her detective skills as I write this. I was not a fan of Auri’s POV in the beginning, I wanted to read an adult book and her parts are suitably YA in nature, which they should be as she is a teenager. I will say that they did grow on me a bit more in the end but I could still have done without them.

This was a good start to a new series, is a fun easy read and I look forward to reading the second book in the series. I think if you were or are fans of Jones' Grim Reaper series then you will enjoy this one though it lacks the paranormal aspect and if you are fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series you will like this one (I feel like Quincy could be the grandma in the comedy relief aspect).

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