Monday, September 6, 2021

Damien Angelica Walter: The Dead Girls Club

Damien Angelica Walter’s shows that your past always catches up to you, one way or another:

During 1991, Heather and her friends were all part of the Dead Girls Club, where they talked about serial killer, horror books and anything scary that they could find either in the news or in books. When Becca  introduces The Red Lady, they all become obsessed with her, but as more time goes along Heather, does not like the stories of the Red Lady any more or the rituals they are doing for her, it feels like the Red Lady is there each time and Becca was determined to prove she was real, but Becca ends up dead instead. Nearly 30 years later, The Red Lady forgotten, Heather has moved on with her life. But the Red Lady is not something to be buried and forgotten about and someone wants to make sure that what happened all those years ago comes out.

I liked this book, as it every has you questioning if the Red Lady is really there, she was really great at creating a creepy atmosphere when the girls were younger and calling for the Red Lady. The Red Lady is really the star of this book and the time line where she is featured is where Walter shines. It also brought back memories from when I was younger and watching The Craft for the first time and light as a feather stiff as board, can anyone else relate, lol.

I felt the book was a bit long and dragged out a bit in the second half, there could have been a little less on the most recent timeline of events, as they were boring verging on repetitive, and I felt like Walter didn't add anything new to the Stalking aspect. Personally I just became more and more annoyed with Heather. And as i stated before I found the time with girls when they were Teens with the Red Lady interesting and creepy.

I was able to figure out one of the twists but not the other, and the one twist I wish that it would have been something different, I don’t know just didn’t seem that twisty for the ending if that makes sense.

Heather's choices annoyed me most of the time. I sometimes understood why she did what she did, but at the same time I did not. Like I did not understand why she didn't tell Ryan or any of her best friends about what was happening to her. I don't think what she did when she was a teenager would have come out, she simply could have said someone was stalking her. She had several times to make a difference in what was happening to her and each time she chose the dumb choice.

I like that Walters left some things to the imagination in end and I enjoyed the overall story that she told, but really she could have written one just for in 1991.

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