Friday, May 1, 2020

Mary Kubica: The Other Mrs.

Mary Kubica is back with another psychological thriller where a move for a fresh start is not what the family gets:

Sadie, her husband Will and their two sons move to a small town island in Maine, where the only way on and off is by ferry. They are moving there as Will's sister committed sucide and they need to take care of their niece who they do not know and they are needing to get away from Will's other Mrs. They think that by leaving Chicago and her behind that they will get the fresh start that their family needs. Then just a few months in living there, there is a murder up the street and everyone is a suspect, especially the new people who just moved into town. Sadie finds herself drawn into the investigation, trying to figure out what happens, but she has this every present feeling that someone is watching her and that she has the most to lose.

I have read quite a few books by Kubica now and I think that this is my favourite book so far and I think this has to do that the plot within this book was much more complex than the other books that I have read by her. I think part of this is that she has changed up the format a bit. All of her previous books that I have read had two time frames that were slowly getting closer and closer together, where this one is all in the same time frame, except for one of the characters is from the past. In this book there is the murder up the street, the death of her husband's sister, inheriting a grieving niece, Sadie and having the feeling that her husband is still cheating on her and well the police suspecting she has something to do with it all. There are a lot of facts to sift through and this is further enhanced with the multiple points of view, which I enjoyed.

There are three main points of view; Sadie, Camille and Mouse, and they all add something different to the story. But at the same time they all present the same thing that they want, love and acceptance. Sadie wants to be loved by her husband, Will, and be the only woman in his life, which she is sure she is not. Camille wants to be loved by Will and be the only woman in his life and will go to great lengths to achieve that (see the similarity there) and Mouse a young girl just wanted to be accepted and loved by her step mother, but that seems impossible. I think my one problem with the multiple points of view was there were times where they gave too much away that I was able to figure out the vast majority of what the big twists were going to be. However, I still enjoyed the intricate ride that Kubica takes you on. Oh and its in a small coastal town where gossip is a job i swear, what more could I ask for.

This was a great book and I highly recommend it if you like the mystery and psychological thriller genres. I was really impressed with the plot that Kubica created and I think her novels are getting better and better. I look forward to see what she comes up with next.

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