Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wendy Walker: Emma in the Night

Wendy Walker leads readers on a dark tale of two sisters and a dysfunctional family:

Three years ago the Tanner sisters, seventeen year old Emma and fifteen year old Cass, disappeared together. All that was left was Emma's car on the beach along with some shoes. Now Cass has come home and she tells a tale of kidnapping, betrayal and heartbreak on a mysterious island where they were held captive, where Emma is still being held. Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Abby Winter was assigned to the case three years ago and it always felt like unfinished business to her, but there is something about Cass' story that does not add up. There is something strange about the Tanner family, they are not the perfect family that they wish to portray and with Cass returning buried secrets and lies are going to be revealed.

This is the second book I have read by Walker and the first one All is Not Forgotten, was one of my favourites from last year.  I am happy to say that Walker does not suffer from second book failure or repeat. This book has a completely different story, is told in a different way and has a completely different plot lines. I love and appreciate that Walker changed the formula in order to tell Emma in the Night.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was enthralling to hear Cass' story and the way that Walker decided to tell it, mainly from Cass' point of view was just the right thing to do, as it is really her story to tell all the other characters are secondary. We do have some chapters from Abby's point of view as she tries to dissect the family dynamics as well as what happened three years ago. Abby's point of view provided a different perspective on the situation that would have been lacking if we only had Cass' story to tell. I guess what I am really trying to say is be prepared to stay up all night or take the whole day to read this one; You wont want to put it down.

I thought I had it figured out, maybe I was a little more twisted in my thinking, but the end was a surprise as well as satisfying but maybe a little bit more cookie cutter than I would have liked especially with some of the bomb shells that are revealed throughout the novel.

This book was just as good as the first one that I read by Walker and I hope that she can keep up the success and creativeness that she has shown so far. I look forward to reading the next book that Walker decides to release.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ilona Andrews: Magic Binds

This is the ninth book in the series and in order to enjoy the characters you need the background of the previous eight books to enjoy this one; Magic Bites, Magic Burns, Magic Strikes, Magic Bleeds, Magic Slays, Magic Rises, Magic Breaks and Magic Shifts. (I was reading this series before I started blogging so I do not have reviews for all of the books).

Ilona Andrews is back with the next Kate Daniels book and if you thought you had family problems, Kate and Curran have you beat in spades:

Kate and Curran are taking their relationship to the next level and that means trying to make it on their own outside of the Pack. The have set up their business and are trying to get to the alter but Kate's father, Roland, is up to know good, as usual. He has Kidnapped demigod Saiman and is slowly bleeding him dry of all his power. Kate may not like Saiman that much but he is from her City and knows that she has to rescue him. Late needs help, but the only one that could help her is long dead, Kate and Curran's future, and the future of Atlanta looks grim but Kate is never one to let the long odds against her stand in her way.

This is one of my favourite urban fantasy series it is one that I started reading about 10 years ago now (wow just dated myself there) and have continued to read and look forward to the next book each time. While Andrews has a formula that they like to follow there is creativity in the story and the foes that Kate faces in each book that I really appreciate. Additionally, I like the connectivity within this book to past event, adversaries and events this is what truly made it interesting to me (Sorry I do not want to say more as I think it gives part of the plot away). It is also nice to see that nine books later that Andrews has not lost the ability to combine darkness and light, seriousness and humour throughout the books.

It is great to see the progression of Kate and Curran's relationship from the first book till now. i have always appreciated that Andrews took their relationship slowly and did not have them jump in to anything or fall instantly in love. This makes their relationship so much stronger and although Curran still tries to control Kate when he can, Kate very much does not let this happen.

I love that Kate as changed, adapted and grown as a character throughout this series. Andrews has let Kate experience many of the the normal (well as normal as they can be in this series) life events that it makes is easy to relate to her as a character and want to be her as well.

This is the second to last book in the series and to say I am excited for the final book in this series is an understatement. Although I will be sad to see the series end, I appreciate that Andrews has realized that this series cannot go on forever and that her characters have grown so much throughout the series as well. If you have not tried this series yet and love Urban Fantasy you need to pick up the first book now, you will not be disappointed.

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