Thursday, December 16, 2010

Molly Harper: Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

After reading Reed's the Cruelest Cut, I really needed something light, funny and easy to read, and this book definitely fits all of those categories.

Jane Jameson, self proclaimed nice girl, has always had the glass is half full type of attitude, she may not have the perfect life, job, and family, but she was always able to see the better half of things, until she is fired from her job at the library (in order for someone who has a history of setting fires in a work place, to take her job). Jane has always loved books and being around books has been her life, now she feels that she has nothing left, not even a good severance package (25 dollar gift card to a local restaurant). So she decides to make the best of the gift card and drown he sorrows in some electric lemonades, but she does meet a man that night (her mother would be so proud or maybe not...). On her drive home, her car breaks down, Jane is mistaken by the town drunk for a deer, is shot and left for dead, could her day get any worse? Well that depends if she ever had any desire to be undead, Jane has been turned into a Vampire. She receives a Welcome Basket from the Undead club, plus the new desire to drink some O negative blood, but she hasn't change that much right? Still the same nice girl, with some extra dental work? But being undead isn't all that it is cracked up to be, someone is killing older more powerful vampires and Jane is the council's prime suspect, Jane may start to be seeing the glass completely empty.

I liked this book. As I stated above, I was really looking for a light and easy read and this really fit the bill. Jane is a fun character with her whit, sarcastic behaviour and useless tidbits of information that I'm sure would be good for a trivial pursuit game. There were some times too when I did laugh out loud especially when Jane talks about her previous sexual experiences. I really liked Jane's family too, lots of fun there and laughs too as well as motherly mother, an ugly dog and a great aunt ghost. Zeb (her best friend) is pretty funny too, especially when he first finds out that Jane had been turned into a Vampire, I mean who wouldn’t be a little curious.

I would classify this book as a paranormal romance, with a small touch (and I mean small) of mystery, which really is not my usual read. However, this book is really about Jane and her transition in becoming a vampire and I think that is why I liked it a lot more than most paranormal romance books that I read. From small town Kentucky librarian to vampire, I mean what isn’t to like about that scenario (certainly makes me laugh).

So to sum it up, I will read the next book in the series, even though it is not close to my usual paranormal reads (I normally require something darker and with a lot more mystery) but I liked the lightness, the humour within the book and just once in awhile, this is all someone really needs.


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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it J-9! I've only read the first novel so far too in the series but I really enjoyed it as well! A humourous vampire novel with a touch of mystery and romance... it was a great combination! :)

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  4. Really nice review! I read this book and loved it. I'd love to see it turned into a mini-series like Trueblood. Wouldn't Kristen Bell make a great Jane Jameson?