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Sophie Littlefield: Rebirth

Sophie Littlefield has returned with her sequel in the dystopain series Rebirth. Littlefield has not created a series that could be read out of order or stand alone novel, you need to read the first book Aftertime. There are spoilers from the first book in the review below, so if you are interested in reading this series I suggest you read my review of Aftertime first. Now that you have been warned.....

Civilization as we've known it has fallen, especially in the state of California. Cassandra Dollar had thought that she had found the last piece of suto civilization within the box. Her, Ruthie and Smoke could try to live as a family, and help Ruthie recover from her time in the convent. But Cass can feel Smoke slipping away and the more time he is spending with Dor, the less he seems to be with Cass. Then news reaches the Box that the library where Smoke used to live has been burned by the Rebuilders and Nora (Smoke's former lover) was killed and Sammi (Dor's daughter) was taken by the Rebuilders to their headquarters. Smoke decides to leave Cass, Ruthie and the box behind, without telling Cass in order to get revenge on those who had harm the library. Cass is now alone in the Box and she can see that it is slowly deteriorating especially when she finds out that Dor is leaving to get Sammi back. Cass enters into another journey out in the world with the Beaters and Rebuilder this time she does not know if her heart and mind will be survive.

After reading the first book, Aftertime, I could not wait for the second. As soon as I received a copy of Rebirth I put down every other book I was reading in order to read this right away. There are very few series that I will do this for, and Littlefield has joined those ranks. I cannot say enough about this Littlefield's Series. This series makes me crawl right inside the world that she has creating wanting more and waiting for Littlefield to go deeper in the the psychology of how people and the world have changed.

Littlefield has created some the best zombies (Beaters) out there. The primitive intelligence that they hold but slowly developing into a more intelligent creature. It is almost like the Beaters are humans that have been reset to primitive times. Although you do not get to read too much of the Beaters in this book you know that they are always watching and waiting for a human to make a mistake.  Littlefield focuses on a more scary aspect, what Humans will do to each other a post apocalyptic time.

Cass is as tough and vulnerable as ever, and with Smoke leaving her to fend for herself and Ruthie, she knows that it is time to leave the Box. She can tell that the Box will soon become the place of chaos especially when Dor decided to leave in order to try to find Sammi. Even though Cass is trying to escape her life before Aftertime, she know that the main things that she is able to trade in this world are her body and her blood (as she is an outlier). Yes this does mean that there is sex in the book, but the sex scenes does not take away from the storyline (Note: there are more sex scenes in this book than the first one). I also like the introduction of Cass's coping mechanism when awful things are happening, as this is a very real psychological aspect that many people use in order to survive tough situations.

Dor becomes a major character within this book, and i think that story benifited with the introduction of another strong male lead, and I enjoyed getting to know Dor better, as he is such a mysterious character in the first. Not that you get to know everything about Dor, he still keeps his mystery about him, but you can tell that he is a man with many layers and i look forward to see where Littlefield is going to take his character and his relationship with Smoke and Cass.

I really enjoyed this book and I am loving this series. Rebirth is a great addition and I think it is a good as a first. Some people may be disappointed as there is less Beater interaction within this book, but I think the apocalyptic dystopain nature of the book stays true. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. Rebirth comes out July 19, 2011 so you still have time to read the first book before the second one comes out if you have not picked it up yet.


Question for those who have read the two books, Dor or Smoke? Leave your answer below :)
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