Friday, July 1, 2011

Kathryn Fox: Without Consent

This is the second book in the Anya Crichton series, the first book is Malicious Intent. It is not necessary to read the first book before this one. The first book does set up Anya as a character and her profession, however, you are still able to get a good grasp of who Anya is and why she has chosen her profession.However, I strongly recommend that you read the first book, Malicious Intent, just for a great read.

Kathryn Fox is back with her Forensic Physician Anya Crichton in another breathtaking novel that brings the reader into the world of forensic pathology..

Dr. Anya Crichton is a forensic pathologist who not only examine the dead but she also helps treat those who have suffered a sexual assault. It is while Anya is helping out a patient that she discovers some similarities to previous case. Anya has stumbled upon a disturbing situation, she has discovered a serial rapist. The key suspect is Geoffrey Willard, who has been recently released from prison for sexually assaulting and murdering a 14 year old girl. As Anya follows the evidence she encounters one of the biggest ethical dilemmas she has ever faced, the old evidence points to Willard being innocent and it is an old colleges findings that put him in jail. The police are convinced that Willard is the perpetrator and although Anya believes the evidence shows his innocence if she is wrong she could be setting a killer free. But Anya raises a scary question, if Willard is not the killer, then who is?

This was a really interesting read. I enjoy how Fox lays out the details within the case without going into too much medical detail. (I believe that there is less medical terms and detail than the first book). She has perfected the ability to weave the medical information and the story together that makes it easy to understand as well as interesting. The book is fast past but does not overload you with too much happening that you get lost in the evidence. Fox has also created a cast of offenders where it becomes interchangeable and questionable as to who the actual the offender is. All the men in the book have aspects in their past and future that makes them good candidates. It also help to keeps you guessing till the very end (really most of them should probably be in jail for one reason or another). There are some chapters from point of view  of the main suspect Willard . You get a fairly good idea and picture as to Willard's mental state and how he copes with social situations, also known as interactions with women. They way he interprets a situation, a look, or interaction with a women more than it it meant to be is true stalking behaviour, and gives you that creepy feeling inside.

I enjoyed that Fox started out the book with something slightly different from other thrillers and that is to have a serial rapist. Granted this eventually turns into homicide case, however, having the serial rapist aspect allows for better integration of Anya into the story as she is a sexual assault expert. My one criticism is that Anya seems to take on more of a detective role that a forensic pathologist role. I think this is where Fox gets a little bit away from the realism of the story, but it does not affect my overall enjoyment of the story, I guess what it shows is Fox's drive to help seek justice for the women who have been sexually assaulted.

Fox has created a very believable and real character in Anya, she has passion for her work, compassion for the women that she help, but her overall goal in life is to just be a good mother. She is smart, strong, and respected in her profession yet she has lost custody of her child and her business is struggling to survive, but she still has the drive and need to help out women who have been sexually assaulted, even it takes her away from her son. As I stated I think that Anya is a very real character and is constantly trying to balance between work and real life.

Fox has created a very entertaining series, with stories that are enthralling and keep you guessing till the end. With very real characters, scenarios and offenders, Fox has proven herself as a thriller writer that will keep you coming back for more.


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  1. Wow, you might have found me another series to follow! I love women forensic pathologists/coroners--a fan of Patricia Cornwell (used to be anyway, she should have laid Scarpetta to rest years ago), Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter etc. I am definitely going to check out the first book in the series; I am a stickler for reading a series in correct order :) Thanks for the tip--as always, I thoroughly enjoy your review style and your book choices! Rae, Best O' Books

  2. This sounds good! My library has both books, and I will definitely check them out! Thanks for the review.
    Mary, A Book A Day