Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog News & Reviews Coming Shortly....

I have some exciting Blog news. Blood Rose Books will be featured for an interview on Curiosity Quills Press this Sunday April 29, 2012. I was very excited and speachless when they approached me to do an interview of all things about Me. I will say that it is interesting being on the other side of the questions. So if you want to find more about Blood Rose Books and Me, please check out Curiosity Quills Press this weekend and please let me know if you were able to stop by and what you think of some of my answers.

Sorry Everyone that it has been a bit since I have last posted a review, I have had some big life events that have happened all at once.  First, we just moved into our new house, which was very exciting and well we still have lots of unpacking todo and we decided (more like it just happened but I like to think that we made some sort of well thought out and planned decision) what better way to celebrate a new house than to go down to the Humane Society and adopt a puppy. So finding time to read has been a little bit of a challenge, but do not worry there are going to be some reviews very shortly. With that said check out my new puppy.

Her name is Luca, she is 8 weeks old and is a mixed breed. We know she has some Australian Cattle Dog in her because we met her mom who was also at the Humane Society (and i have looked she has been adpoted too), but we also think she has some Shepard as well as some Rotti in her, but who know. It was just good to adopt, even though she is a handful at time. But do not worry she has not gotten into any books....yet.


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