Friday, September 28, 2012

Blogoversary: Amanda Stevens Interview & Giveaway

Today is the final Author Interview & Giveaway to celebrate my Blogoversary and I have saved on of my newer go to authors for last. I cannot say how much I have enjoyed her novels (The Restorer and The Kingdom) and each time I find out her next novel is coming out I make sure to get my hands on it. Please Welcome to Blood Rose Books Today:

Amanda Stevens

You had a passion for ghost stories, folklore and superstition from a young age; did you always know that you wanted to be an author? Was there a specific book or experiences that lead you to start your writing career?
One of my earliest influences was a book called The Diamond in the Window by Jane Langton, a mystery for children that literally changed my life.  Up until that point, I’d been reading The Little House on the Prairie series and some Nancy Drew, but this story gave me my first taste of fantasy with a Gothic edge—lost children, family secrets and a creepy old Victorian house with turrets and towers and a magical attic.  Several years later, my love of everything Gothic took a romantic turn when I discovered Mary Stewart’s Nine Coaches Waiting and Victoria Holt’s The Pride and the Peacock.  All three books are still in my library.

You appear to have extensive knowledge about old cemetery and graveyard which shows the amount of research that you have done for your novels, where are you able to find the majority of your information? What is the most interesting thing that you have learned?
whisperingroomMost of my research is done online with an emphasis on Southern burial customs and traditions and I also visit cemeteries every chance I get.  A couple of my favorite research books are Texas Graveyards, A Cultural Legacy by Terry Jordan and Ghosts and Legends of Charleston by Denise Roffe.  Some of the most fascinating burial customs come from the Sea Islands where graves are decorated with all manner of personal and symbolic items.  I wrote about such offerings in The Restorer—clocks set to the time of death and lamps to light the way to the afterlife.  Such eerie, visual reminders that death may not be the end.

You have taken a different path when compared to the majority of authors writing within the paranormal genre, what was the appeal of ghosts for you?
Ghosts really scare me.  I can immerse myself in a world of vampires and demons and witches and love every minute of it, but I never truly believe those creatures exist.  I’m not so sure about ghosts. ;)

You recently started writing a Young Adult series; can you give us a few details about this new series?
It’s a paranormal thriller about a sixteen-year-old trapped in a coma.  Her soul jumps from body to body as she searches for her would-be killer.  First book is called Chrysalis.

What additional challenges have you had so far in writing a Young Adult series?
Making sure I don’t sound old. ;)

What do you think would be the hardest or most challenging genre to write a novel in and why?
I think science fiction would be hardest for me because I don’t have a background in physics or any of the hard sciences nor do I have an aptitude for them.  I’m not a very logical thinker.  I’m the anti-Spock.
I personally love Amelia as a character, is there an individual or people who Amelia is based upon? Do you find that most people are able to relate to her?
Amelia isn’t based on any one person, but she has similar traits to a lot of Southern women I know.  People seem to appreciate her quiet strength as an alternative to the in-your-face female protagonists that are so popular right now.  I appreciate and enjoy both.  It just so happened that a more introspective character suited these stories.

Would you ever want to have the ability to see ghosts? What do you think would be your reaction if you ever saw a ghost like Amelia does?
I sometimes spook myself writing these books so a real-life ghost sighting would totally freak me out. lol

Do you have any information on upcoming works or events that you are able to share?
I’m currently working on the next three books in the Graveyard Queen series, which will be a trilogy—meaning each book will have an individual mystery to be resolved but there is an arc that runs through all three.  I’ll also have at least one online novella, which will delve more deeply into Devlin’s back story and secrets.  And, of course, the young adult trilogy is in the works.  So there will be a drought while I write all the stories and then lots of books released close together.

What is one book on your shelf that you cannot wait to read (can either be a new or old favorite).
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  What a cool premise.  I want to read it before I see the movie.

I want to say thank you to Amanda for taking the time to be part of my Blogoversary. Amanada is a paranormal author to watch out for and pick up when you have a chance. The Restorer is one of the best debut novels that I have ever read in the paranormal genre. Make sure to check out my reviews of her books as well as enter the Giveaway (CAN/USA) below which is a winner's choice so whether you are a new or old reader of Amanda's there is something for everyone there.


  1. Amanda Stevens is awesome! I love her Graveyard Queen series and can't wait to check out her new YA book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Congrats! Thanks for hosting!
    Beverly @ The Wormhole

  3. Great interview. I'm also interested in reading the Vampire Hunter book.
    Alex @ Possession of Books