Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ted Dekker: Boneman's Daughters

 Ted Dekker is a well known author in the Thriller genre, however, this is my first read of one of his books. He does not disappoint with his portrayal of the BoneMan who is obsessed with finding the perfect daughter.

Is there any lengths that you would not go to save your daughter? Even if it meant that you had commit murder yourself? These are the questions that army intelligence officer Ryan Evans has to ask himself. Ryan has just returned from his latest tour, but for traumatic reason, he was kidnapped tortured both physically and mentally and all he can think of is getting home to his wife and daughter. But Ryan's choices over the years to take tour after tour has estranged both his wife and daughter and he soon realizes that he has never been the perfect father, which is exactly what the BoneMan is looking for. In the middle of the night the BoneMan kidnaps Ryan's daughter for himself, and Ryan will do everything to keep Bethany alive. However, as the evidence unfolds the FBI and political figures become convinced that Ryan is the BoneMan. Ryan is on the run from the authorities and he is running out of time to save his daughter.

This is the first book that I have read by Dekker and I have wanted to read this particular book for a long time (I think since the first time I saw the cover) and it was lost in my shelf for too long. This book did not start out how I thought it would, I was picturing the typical picturesque family which is more typical for these types of novels, but this book was in no way typical. I liked that Dekker chose a different type of family setting that I think set the stage better because it felt like Ryan truly had more to loose than his daughter, his sanity was also in question as he frantically searched for her and played the BoneMan's game. As you near the end of the book, you really do not know how it was going to end and I really appreciated that Dekker kept the dark feeling and aspects throughout and was willing to take it to the very end.

BoneMan was a very interesting character, that I do not think that anyone could completely understand; however, for me this was not a draw back because how can anyone truly understand a psychopathic mind. This book does has chapters from BoneMan's point of view, therefore, those who do not like novels that have this aspect will want to avoid this novel for that reason. BoneMan's technique is terrifying, original, and cringe worthy every time I think about it. Just thinking of the agony one would have to be in makes your muscle tighten. I really appreciate Dekker's originality with BoneMan as there can be some redundancy in serial killer books. Additionally, you know who the BoneMan is before everyone else in the novel but I did not find that this took away from novel, as Ryan was not pervy to the information that was developed or found out by the investigators. I personally like novels that take the time to develop the killer into an actual character than just a figure in the background, this does not always mean I want to know the identity of the killer, just read from their point of view.

I did not know that Dekker was considered a Christian writer while reading this book, I did not find out after till I was reading some reviews of his other books. Dekker does use some passages from the Bible in the book that act as clues, but this can be a common aspect in serial killer books. I did not find the Christian aspect to be the integral part of the book, it really was more about the thrills and hunt for me in this book. If you were avoiding this book or author because he has been classified as a Christian writer, I think you are making a mistake, while there may be some Christian elements within the book, they are the main theme or element within the book. I would have even mentioned this aspect if I had not read that he was a Christian writer.

I cannot wait to read the next book by Dekker, he has the suspense, hunt and mystery that I am looking for in a thriller novel, that he is able to keep the reader on the edge of their seat throughout the book. I cannot picture myself putting one of his books down if it can live up to the standard he has set with this novel.

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