Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cassie Alexander: Moonshifted

This is the second novel of Cassie Alexander's Edie Spence series. You will need to read the first book, Nightshifted, before this one as the first book sets up where Edie's life is, with  her world, work and relationships.

In the second book Edie not only has to worry about the Vampires but the Were have also come to call:

Y4 nurse Edie Spence is just looking forward to getting back to work after surviving a vampire attack, she expects things to just get back to normal; Well as normal as working with paranormal creatures can be. When Edie witnesses a hit in run that just happens to involve the leader of the wolf pack, Edie does everything to help him survive but things are looking very grim. This starts a battle for not only the power within the pack but also with the paranormal within the city and all the targets seem to be posted on Edie's back as she now has connection to both. Edie doesn't know how she is going to survive attacks on all fronts especially to top it all off Dren is back and he is looking to settle a debt with Edie as she cost him his hand and his hound. With no one to trust or rely on, Edie better watch out everything in her life is about to be tested to the extreme and only time will tell if she can survive it all.

This book is another easy read like the first, which is sure to entertain but I feel like this series is going to be more for those who like paranormal romance than those who just want the paranormal genre. I do not think that this book is as good as the first. I found that this book was not as funny as the first book and lacked the action that occurred within the first book. I think it took about half of the book before there is really any sort of action and for the mystery aspect within the plot to actually start, so I was often left wonder okay when is it going to get good, when is everything going to start. However, I will say the mystery and action within the second half of the book was really good and interesting, I just would have liked it to be more constant throughout

I still really like Edie as a character. She has complex relationship with everyone around her in both the normal and paranormal world. I question whether she is actually able to have a normal relationship, possible the closest one is with some of the people at work that seem to be developing but when you work on Y4 how normal can those relationships be. I love that Alexander keeps Edie as human as possible, and it does not seem to be anything that is going to change. Having Edie be human and it appears with no plans to change that, is what sets this series apart from other books in the paranormal genre where the human either end up as food, or have some form of power(s). It's nice to have the human aspect stay constant and it is funny how that it the unique characteristic within this series.

I'm not sure what changed in Alexander's writing style but I found that there was a lot more sex in this book than the first one and all of a sudden Edie is very sexually charged/promiscuous. I know in the first book there was talk and one sex scene, I just found that in this book every paranormal male that Edie ran into she all of sudden wanted to sleep with them. I just found this counter to what Edie was like in the first book or at least Alexander began to expand on the scenes sex now.

I do not think that this book was as good as a first and that there was just something missing overall in the book, I think that those who liked the first will also enjoy this book if they like more of the paranormal romance genre. I will continue to reading this series as I personally like Edie and her attempt to stay human at all costs, which is very refreshing, but I do not think that I will continue reading if the sex turns into something like the Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake series did.


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