Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chris Little: The Darkness of Shadows

In her debut novel Christ Little takes the reader to the dark places of the human mind, where people will do anything to obtain power.

Natalie (Nat) had a childhood that would define the words cruel and unusual punishment. Her parents were never nurturing, there were things more important to them than that mainly achieving prestige and power no matter the cost or how sadistic the methods. Nat was able to escape but she knew it would only be a matter of time before her father found her again, but this time Nat is more prepared for him, knows what she has to do in order to attempt to live a normal live; Kill him before he can hurt her or those she loves.

I did not actually think that this novel was going to go to towards the paranormal genre, I actually thought it was going to be more mystery/thriller based upon the premise. I thought that her Dad was just going to be a sadistic monster (which he is) but have this whole idea made up in his head, at the very most have a cult aspect to it. I was not expecting witches, werewolves and elves (just to name a few creatures in this novel).

This novel starts out very dark and this theme continues throughout especially when Nat is remembers what happened to her as a child. She bares those scars both on the inside and outside and this causes her to have a lack of trust with people, and she does not like to be touched. However, I did find that Little came in and out of the darkness that I think she wanted to portray throughout the entire book, but, the dark aspects that Little did portray were very interesting as as the story continues they are the basis of everything that has happened to Nat.

I was not a fan of Nat and Val's friendship, it seemed to me like they were too quickly to accuse the other of something or always became defensive over information that they were uncovering. Their friendship seemed to be hanging by a thread constantly. For me their friendship was more closely related to a couples relationship than a friendship and I think that there were mixed signals throughout the book that implied that it was going in that direction. However, I'm not sure if this is just do to the Protector power that Val felt over Nat, that concept is not really fully explained within the book.

This book is a short read, only 187 pages on my Nook but Little was able to create a full story, and I believe this may even become a series, as I think there is quite a lot that Little still needs to develop, especially the world that she is trying to portray. We as reader only get a small piece of it in this book, and I found that this is where Little's novel was lacking the most. I understand that Nat and Val are new to the whole paranormal aspect in their world and life but other than some information from Nigel you really don't get the sense of what is going on in that world. There are hints here and there, but I just hope that if Little does intend to make these characters into series, that she takes some time to develop the world more, we need to know where everything stands.

It was an interesting debut novel, but you can tell it is a debut. Little has something here and I think with time and a little bit more development she will have a must read series. There are just a few things that I think need to be ironed out first.I would recommend this book to people who like the paranormal genre especially the dark side of things, and are willing to give new and developing authors a try.

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