Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cassie Alexander: Shapeshifted

This is not a series where you can start any where, the books are not meant to be stand alone reads, so you will need to pick up the first two books in this series Nightshifted and Moonshifted before you read this book.

Nurse Edie Spence is back in Cassie Alexander's shifted series and Edie is looking for a new direction in her life, one that does not involve the paranormal:

After being shunned by everything paranormal, Edie has lost her job on Y4 and is struggling to find something that interests her as much. Edie is depressed, she seems to have lost all of her friends and her mother has just come out and told that she has terminal Cancer. Edie knows that there is only one thing that could cure her mother and that means trying to get the help of the Shadows once again but they send her on crazy mission to find Santa Muerte which send her to look for work in a not so great part of town, where gangs, both human and paranormal run rampit. Edie may be looking to help her mom, but she may not have her own life at the end of this.

One thing that everyone who is a fan of this series can agree upon is that Edie is always looking for trouble and seems to find it even if it is in the human world and not the paranormal one. I like that Alexander had this book introduced a few new characters like Olympio and kept Alexander mainly away from some of her allies within the paranormal community, though that did not stop some of her enemies from coming back. There was also a very dark aspect to this book that I do not think that Alexander has really gotten to before, I won't give away what happens, but lets just say there is a room full of bones.

I love Edie, she is a great character and I think she shows what you really need to have in order to be a nurse, willing to do anything to save someone. No one is left behind when it comes to treatment, you treat everyone, even when they were just shooting at you. Edie is so different from all the other heroines in the paranormal series I read, because Edie is Human. There is not magical discovery of powers or that she is part some creature. Nope Edie is completely human, sans everything paranormal. This makes Edie probably the most "Real" character in all the paranormal books our there and I applaud Alexander for taking this stand in this series. I honestly dont think that this series would work with out it. Well Done Alexander!

To be honest I did find that the book was a little predictable about certain aspects, but that is okay I still fully enjoyed the story and really I read these novel for Edie not the overall mystery. Great addition to the series and I cannot wait for Alexander to come out with her next book.

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