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K. A. Stewart: A Shot in the Dark

You will need to read the first book in this series, A Devil in the Details, before this book as it explains what it means to be a Champion and the overall battling for other people's souls idea. Plus it was a great read so why not enjoy it.

K. A. Stewart is back with Jesse James Dawson and this time it is a beast from his past that is after his soul:

Jesse James Dawson is just looking to get his life back to normal after his last demon fight, but things seem to be out of perspective, he just doesn't feel right. He is hoping that his annual guys trip will help put things back on track. He should have known things were going to go wrong when Axel all of a sudden shows up after being absent from his life for months, pretending to be his friend and not a Demon that wants to claim his soul. Jesse just blows him off but he is now on edge about everything. Even the trees on the mountains cannot seem to calm him. Jesse's secret about what he does for a living on the side is about to be exposed to all is friends and a literally a demon from Jesse's past is out to get him and is skirting the demon rules to do it.

I should have not waited this long to continue on in this series. The only positive about this is that the third book was released in 2012 and it looks like the fourth book will be sometime this year so I am happy I do not have to wait to continue on in the series. Although Stewart's books (so far) have been on the shorter side of things between 2-3 hundred pages, she is still able to create a complex plot as well as interesting characters. The flow of her books are fast paced that you won't want to put it down and will be seeking the next book in the series he draws you farther into Jesse's world, family and life.

Jesse James Dawson is one of my favorite characters in all of the urban fantasy genre. I love his whit, humour, ever resilient nature and dedication to follow the teachings and rules of the samurai way. He is loyal to a fault and is more than willing to put his life on the line for others. I mean that is what it truly means to be a champion. The thing that also make Jesse unique is that he appears to be "only" Human. He does not have any magic to assist him when he fights off the demons for the souls that they possess and this makes him very unique in the guardian world.

I love that Stewart has brought not only a male lead to the urban fantasy genre but also a different idea and perspective of demons that really goes back to basic, promising your soul in exchange for something in this life. It is always interesting to see what the people that Jesse help have traded their soul for, sometimes it is to help other people, but in the case of some of the teenagers he helps they want a cool car. I really liked that we got to see more of Axel in this book, and got to find just a tidbit of where he ranks in the demon underworld and you have to wonder what Jesse is in for when Axel decides to go for his soul. I am also interested in the underworld and the hierarchy that is done below. I hope that Stewart is able to give us more information about it in her future books.

K. A. Stewart is not a well known Urban Fantasy author but I personally think this series is a must read for those who like this genre especially if you like a male lead in your books. Stewart know how to create an interesting plot and great character. I cannot wait to get my copy of A Wolf at the Door. You need to pick up this series.

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