Monday, February 23, 2015

Michael Kardos: The Three-Day Affair

In Muchael Kardos debut novel he takes the reader to place where no one wants to go. Where one decision can destroy everything you have worked so hard to achieve:

Will, Jeffrey and Nolan have been best friends since college and once a year they get together to reconnect and relive their past adventure and well golf. Each has taken a different path in life, Will is working at a small recording studio and expecting his first child, Nolan has gotten into politics and is running for Congress and Jeffrey was able to cash in on the dot com boom when he was part of a small internet start-up company. But how much do people really change from college and how much do you really notice it in your friends. Will Jeffrey and Nolan are about to find out, in one night they will all redefine their relationships with each other, who they are and how far they will go to keep a secret that could ruin them all.

This book shows the reader how much people can change from college and how priorities change from person to person. It also shows how much people try to ignore the changes they may or may not see in their friends. This makes the book more of a psychological novel than a thriller or mystery as really there are not really any thrills in the book and only a slight mystery so I was disappointed about that aspects. However, I think that Kardos addressed the aspects of how much people change throughout their lives really well and how each person processes a problem differently, we are not all the same therefore, our reactions will differ as well. There was an interesting twist thrown in in the end of the novel that I was only able to figure out part of it but not all of it which is a great feat for any author, I always like a good surprise.

The story is told from Will's point of view throughout but it is mainly him looking back at the weekend that went wrong with his two friends from college (so that in itself shows he makes it out in one way or another). I question whether this was the right point of view as the feelings and emotions that Will was going through at the time of these events felt muted and Will just explaining how he felt not what he was feeling. There were also pieces from the friends' past, once again told from Will's point of view, as to how the friends met and what they were like back in college and I think these were to show hwo they were all different back then as well and set part of the back story for why some of them have changed so much. This also means that we get to know Will more than any of the other characters in the book and while he is the main character, I don't really get that attached to him as he is in story telling mode, this is not him now, this is him looking back at everything.

Pretty good for a debut note but it was not quite the thriller that I was hoping the book to be (seems to be a problem I have been running into lately), but it had some interesting psychological aspects that kept me reading. I would read another book by Kardos as I liked his writing style.

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