Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blake Crouch: Pines

Blake Crouch takes the readers to Wayward Pines, where this small little town in Idaho has many deadly secrets to hide:

Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke was sent to Wayward Pines to locate two missing federal agents who have not been heard from in a month. Ethan is on his way there with his partner but the next thing is he awakes in a hospital bed being told that he was in a major car accident. The problem is he has no ID, no service weapon, briefcase and cell phone; Nothing to ID himself as a federal agent. As Ethan slowly makes his way around town, trying to piece together who he is and what has happened to him he keeps running into road blocks and the town just feels off. The more that Ethan tries to discover what happened to him and the other Agents, who were there before him, the more the town Sherriff becomes convinced that Ethan is not a Secret Service Agent. Ethan doesn't know it but he is part of a deadly game and it is Ethan vs. an entire town.

I wasn't sure about this book at first, but the more you read it the more you get drawn into the story of trying to figure out what is wrong with Wayward Pines and just when you think you have this little town figured out Crouch throws in another twist or turn. I think this is where Crouch succeeded in this book as he really does keep you guessing but then at times it does seem like he threw a few too many ideas into the mix but overall it is an entertaining read. The best way I can kind of explain this book is to use some movie references as that is what I kept thinking the entire time I read this book. This book is part The Truman Show, The Purge, and Pleasantville. I realize that using these movie references will give some of the book away, but it nothing that you do not figure out yourself in the first part of the book.

I like Ethan as a main character. I thought his ability to push through the pain of his injuries a little bit extreme for the most part, as there are times when he gets quite injured and then expected to perform some pretty amazing feats. There are some action scenes within the book but they are mainly one on one battles that Ethan faces and Ethan proves himself resourceful and capable in each situation.

I have a thing for small towns in books (I've probably mentioned this in pervious reviews) but I love the subcultures that each author creates for their small town and the human interactions that they have with outsides. Let’s just say that in the small town of Wayward Pines, they have some very very different cultural ideas and how to deal with those who try to interrupt their perfect way of life and are willing to get violent to protect it.

I'm not sure I'm satisfied about how this book ends. I get why Crouch decided to end the book this way but part of me wanted something different, maybe a different choice to be made. I have just found out that there is a second book in this "series?" I thought that Crouch wrapped this book up at the end, so i'm going to take a look at what entails in the next book.

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