Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jennifer Estep: Spider's Revenge

This is the fifth book in Jennifer Estep's Spider Assassin series therefore there are four others that you need to read before this book, Spider's Bite, Web of Lies, Venom and Tangled Threads.

Gin Blanco, also known as the retired assassin The Spider (though she is really far from retired) has decided that it is time to make the one hit that is really going to matter and change the lives of everyone living in Atlanta; Killing Mab Monroe. Gin has been killing as The Spider for years, she know patience, planning and the deadly arts needed to kill but for some reason killing Mab is not quite going as planned. As more people that Gin loves are put in danger and a price on Gin's baby sister Bria's head, Gin is going to have to work fast or Gin is going to be on the wrong side of Mab's fire magic.

Honestly, this is the book that I have been waiting for in this series, this is what the previous four books have been leading up to the fight between Mab and The Spider and what a fight it is. The fight in this book is what I wanted to happen in Ilona Andrews' novel Magic Breaks but that book never got there, it was just more mind games. I like that Estep drew out the fight and showed that even The Spider can have a bad day and does not always succeed; I like how this tests Gin. I still love Gin as a character, and I found that Gin did grow in this book with allowing more of her friends to actually help her as well as her relationship with Owen. It is always nice to have an author that is able to allow their main characters grow and change.

I wish that Estep was a little freer with having some of your favourite or secondary characters die or get hurt. I find that you knowing (based upon all the other books) that everyone is going to be okay takes away from the overall suspense of the battle scenes and that Gin and her friends are involved in. I thought that Estep was going to get there in this book, but she didn’t quite make it there. I also find that Estep repeats herself in each book about how Gin started as an assassin, her history/how she ended up with Fletcher and her ice and stone magic, her preferred weapon ect. The only way you would not know these things is if you have not read the previous 4 books, which I doubt since not too many people start with the fifth book in the series. I wish that Estep would fill these repeats (and I mean she does mention it more than once in the book) with something of more substance, instead of filler in each chapter.

I do wonder where Estep will go from here as this would have been a good end to the series but I think she is up to number 13 in this series and I really am not sure there is that much story left here as Estep would have to create an entirely new path for Gin and her friends. I know I will check out the next book in the series just to see where Estep takes it from here and see if she can keep the series interesting, innovative and alive.

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