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Amanda Kyle Williams: Don't Talk to Strangers

This is the third book in Amanda Kyle Williams' Keye Street series and the first two books in this series The Stranger You Seek and Stranger in the Room are both really good reads if you like serial killer books. However, since Keye moves away from Atlanta in this book and has little to no interaction with the people back there this book could be read as a stand-alone novel. Willaims' does a good job of showing who Keye is.

Amanda Kyle Williams is taking Keye out of town where a killer has taken years to re-offend:

Two bodies have just been found in the woods of Whisper Georgia, one recently dead the other had years to decay but there are similar elements of death that makes the Sheriff Ken Meltzer thinks that they are connected and he needs outside help. Outside help leads him to hiring Keye Street who was once an up and coming FBI profiler when her destructive tendencies and addiction issues got in the way and she found herself kicked out. When Keye enters into Whisper she can feel that an outsider is not wanted in this town but Keye has a job to do. As she looks over the evidence the more she is convinced that it is a town member who has committed these crimes but no one save the Sheriff is willing to believe her, they all think they know the people in the town better than her. When another young girl goes missing Keye is working against the clock to save another life, but as she gets closer she doesn't know if she can get there in time.

I found that this book was slow to start with Keye really just trying to get an idea of the town and the murders that have been committed. As this offenders seems to be okay with having a long cooling off period there are not any new bodies or kidnappings for Keye to be a part of at the start. Mainly she is dealing with historic information, which means less suspense than the case in the other two books. Also she is away from Atlanta so the relationships she has there do not play out that much in this book. I know that I missed the constant banter with Neil as he was often the comic relief in the book and while we do get a few phone conversations with Neil is it not the same.

I like that Keye has some time away from Rauser in order to really figure their relationship out and how not to screw this one up but I did not like how Williams kept bringing up Keye's sex drive and that she really wants to get it on with the Sheriff. I don't understand why she needed to have this in the novel it did not add to story other than to show that Keye is still insecure with her relationships and her constant reminder that she has screwed a whole bunch of them up. I do not think it added to her character in any way, if you have read the previous two books in this series you know who Keye is, her past and how she acts.

I have a thing for small towns in books, they always seem to have that creepy and eerie quality to them as well as their own sub culture and cliques. You get the full force of that as to how Keye is treated in this town not only for being an outsider and a woman but also Asian. She especially feels out of place with her interactions with the two detectives at the Sherriff’s department who cannot believe that their boss brought an outsider to help on this case. You can tell with each of her interactions with them that they think they are superior to her in every way even on the case because the Know the people in this town and are convinced it is a drifter/outsider.

I was able to figure out who the killer was about three quarters through the book, which I guess lets you know that you meet the killer in the book. This aspect takes away from my overall enjoyment of the book as I wait for Keye to catch up to what I already figured out. Though I will say the book did not end in the way that I expected, not so cookie cutter, which was unexpected and always appreciated as things do not always turn out right in the end in real life.

I think this is my least favourite book so far in the Keye Street series. This is a good book and it is still a good series and with interesting characters but I found that Williams was not as inventive in this book as the first two, I missed some of the other regular characters and this book lacked the suspense I wanted it to have. That said I would read another book by Williams, I personally want to find out what happened to Wishbone and when Williams is going to bring him back.

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