Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Author Interview: Rebekah Turner

I have feature Rebekah Turner on my blog before, she actually kicked off my Blogoversary event last year, so if you are interested in learning even more about Rebekah check out her first interview. As you can probably guess I've been a fan of Rebekah's for awhile now and have found that her Applecross/Lora Blackgoat series have gotten better and better with each installment. If you like a little bit of fantasy and some steampunkness too I recommend picking up her novels Chaos Born, Chaos Bound, Chaos Broken.

Please Welcome to Blood Rose Books Today:

Rebekah Turner

You are now three books in to your Literary career how has your writing process changed from Chaos Born to Chaos Broken?
I'm more aware of my own writing techniques and the editing process. Otherwise, the frustration and elation of solving plot issues have stayed the same.

What have you learned about yourself from book one to book three?
That I can actually finish and polish up a book! There always is that doubt, that maybe this time you won't finish. The blank screen is an absolute horror. But so far, so good.

You have three books in your Applecross series, and it says everywhere that this is the last book in the series, I refuse to believe that. Please tell me there will be more Lora and more Applecross books.
I've got a novella plotted out that deal with Lora's past, including a bloodthirsty aunt who throws Lora's life into chaos.

As a reader I became very attached to your characters, I cannot think of how attached you would have become to all your characters. Is it hard to put them through all the pain and emotional turmoil they go through, especially Lora trying to figure out who she, who to trust as well as who is best for her?
It can be difficult, and I did find it hard to be so mean to Roman especially. Lora deals with pain by shutting down, because that's how she deals with traumatic experiences. I have always trusted in her abilities to persevere though. All the Chaos books are about survival against the odds, about getting knocked down and finding that inner strength to get back on your feet.

What do you think are the main components of writing a successful series?
Keeping your world building consistent and making sure the stakes are high enough to interest the readers. Always be true to your characters and don't make them bend to the plot. Give them desire, something to strive for, and something to fight against. Then you have plot! A daily writing routine helps as well. Have I mentioned the horror of a blank page?

What is next for you? Do you have another novel or series in development any new news you can share with us?
I wrote a book called Bite Deep, which is about biker werewolves. Hopefully that will be out next year, along with a Lora Blackgoat novella.

What is one book you have read in the past year that you think everyone should read?
Daughter of Smoke and Bone, written by Laini Taylor. This book blew me away! I would totally recommend it to anyone.

I want to thank Rebekah once again for being part of another Blogoversary and taking the time to answer a few questions. I really reccomend her Applecross series and I think readers will find it hard not to love Lady Lora Blackgoat as a character. I look forward to seeing where Rebekah comes up with next and of course the Applecross novella :)

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