Monday, March 21, 2016

Gillian Zane: Run

In her debut novel, Gillian Zane takes the readers to New Orleans when the zombie plague hits the city:

Lex has always been a prepper ever since Katrina happened and so many people (including her family) were caught unprepared. However, the zombie plague was the last thing that she thought that she would have to be prepared for and she never thought that she would be stuck at work when it happened. Lex knows that she needs to get home in order to survive this, what she never expected was the hunk, Blake Miller, she meets on the way. Blake is a former military and knows his way around a crisis (and the bedroom) and the two decide to team up in order in order to try to survive this new world, but at least they know that they have chemistry in the bedroom.

This is not my typical read, it is really far from what I typically read (well minus the zombie part) but in my head I thought how many sex scenes can you have in a book that is this short and in a zombie apocalypse? The answer is a lot and more than you think would be practical in this type of situation. For me there were way too many sex scenes in this book for my liking. I actually could have been okay with the first one as who knows how long you're going to live and survive in this new, changing and extremely dangerous world. However, the ones that follow it  just seemed that Zane put them in to have them, I guess I should have realized this was going to happen based upon the cover and I will say that Zane is not hiding what this book is; Sex and Zombies (no that does not mean Sex with Zombies). However, I appreciated that Zane did not have her two main characters fall in love at first sight, Lust, hell ya but love no way. Way more realistic than love would have been.

While the sex scenes do take up the majority of this book, I think that Zane could have something here that a lot of people could enjoy if the sex was toned down a bit. I liked the zombie action scenes, though there were too few of them and I think we just have the standard zombies in this book.

I liked Lex as a character, I mean how can you not like her as she is a prepper, but I felt that the farther along in the book you get Blake takes away her spark as a character. Her life become not about surviving and killing zombies but pleasing Blake, I feel like Lex lost her purpose in the group.

There was a great cliffhanger at the end, I'd probably consider reading the next book based upon how this one ended as some things are bound to change, at least I think they would. I might have to look at some of the reviews of it before I decide. Overall, I wish there was more zombie killing than sex scenes, but like I said above Zane is not trying to hide what this book is, so i really cannot fault her (too much) for the amount of sex in the book.

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