Monday, March 22, 2021

Kelley Armstrong: A Stranger in Town

This is the 6th book in the Rockton Series by Kelley Armstrong and if you have not picked up this series yet you need to. Do not start on this book, in order to understand not only the characters and relationship but the overall plot of this book you will need to read the previous 5 books (City of the Lost, A Darkness Absolute, This Fallen Prey, Watcher in the Woods and Alone in the Wild)

Kelley Armstrong is back with the 6th book in the Rockton series, and although the wilderness can be unpredictable, it's the people you need to watch out for:

There has been a downturn in the residences that have been coming into Rockton and few people have been granted extension to stay. Dalton thinks that it is just the ebb and flow of Rockton life, but Casey is not so sure. When an extremely injured hiker stumbles into a party  held by some of the first settlement teenagers panic starts she appears to be the sole survivor of a hostile's attack.With the increase in Hostile's attacks the council is on the verge of shutting Rockton down, something none of the current residences want. It's all hands on deck as Casey and Dalton rush to discover if there are any others in her camping party alive, try to keep the Rockton a secret as well as try to convince the council that Rockton should stay open.

From the very first sentence I am transported back to Rockton and the wilderness and every time that happens I absolutely love it. I feel like I am there in the Yukon forest with Casey and Dalton as they explore the wilderness or more often than not, on the hunt for a killer. Each time I read in this series I think that Armstrong gets better and better at setting the atmosphere of the wilderness that surrounds the town and immersing the reader in it.

This is one of my favourite series out there and this is a strong addition to the series. I liked that Armstrong has taken the time over several books to cement the relationships within this book and how everyone works together. Armstrong has added some great and interesting secondary characters in the past few books and in this book there is even more interactions with them. April was a great addition to the secondary cast and the different perspective that she brings not only towards the town (and life in general) but the development of Casey as a character as it gives a different look into her past. Also I'm really loving Sebastian as a character. I feel like he is guy that no one has figured out yet. They all keep a close eye on him, but I get the since that he is playing everybody and I look forward to seeing how that turns out. He is a true psychopath if you ask me.

This book is a bit more complex than the previous entries in this series, this is due to the multiple threats that are occurring within this book as well as Armstrong deciding to bring some closure to story lines that have been ongoing since the beginning of the series. I applaud Armstrong for taking the time to flesh out these story lines as they are important to Casey and Rockton. However, some readers may find it a bit convoluted if they have not read the previous books in this series recently. I was able to follow along and actually predict some of the twists (but not all) but I had read three books from this series last year.

I highly recommended series, if you like books with a small town feel, full of secrets, great detective work that relies more on the mind and putting clues together than anything else this is the series for you. I look forward to seeing where Armstrong takes Rockton next.

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