Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Kelley Armstrong: Cursed Luck

In the first book in a new series, Kelley Armstrong introduces readers to the art of Curse Weaving, that can be a bit of fun or very sinister:

Kennedy Bennett comes from a long line and well known curse weavers, who practice their craft out in the open, although the general public thinks that it fake, what they do is very real and can have long lasting consequences to those who possess the cursed object. When a famous cursed necklace is about to go up for auction, suddenly everyone is scrambling to get their own curse breaker and there are those who want to get their hands on a curse at any cost. When Kennedy' sisters and fellow curse breakers are kidnapped there is much more on the line for Kennedy than breaking a centuries old curse.

I’m a really big fan of Armstrong, so when she starts a new adult series, I’m going to pick it up. This book originally started out in a serial format that she wrote last year during the pandemic at the time. I did not read it in the serial form so I was really happy when she put it together into a book.

I like that his book does not try to take itself too seriously and is a fun easy read. I absolutely love the idea of a curse weavers / breakers and honestly I have not read a book that deals with curses this in-depth. I really liked the idea of objects being cursed, and that not all curses are bad, some are the joker’s curse which is more like a joke than anything else. I mean there is always someone who talks about a cursed family heirloom and such and this book just takes it all to the next level.

Kennedy was a fun character who has the best job I can think of buying cursed antiques, breaking the curse on them and then reselling the furniture. Kennedy takes her profession seriously and her attention to detail when she is unweaving a curse is amazing, she “sees” what other cannot. Aiden, the main male lead, was just okay as a character he just seemed a bit boring and i get that he is basically the complete opposite of Kennedy, but I just wanted him to have a bit more of a spark to him. Though I did find his balance to his luck use funny, and I wanted to read more of that. I also did not really feel for the relationship that took part in the book, I get opposites attract, but for some reason I could not get behind it. Hopefully in future books it will grow on me.

I enjoyed the fun mystery within this book and the curse/myth surrounding the necklace as well as who has kidnapped Kennedy’s sisters. Plus there were some fun twists, both plot and character wise that I did not see coming, some from total left field but in this book they just worked.

This is a great fun urban fantasy that is an easy read that you will not want to put down. Another great book Armstrong, can’t wait for more.

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